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These were the words of Africa’s Leading Entrepreneur The Award Winning Tony O. Elumelu shortly upon his arrival Yesterday Monday May 16th 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Yaounde on the sidelines of the 2016 edition of the International Economic Investment Forum, billed for today and tomorrow in Yaounde.

tony elumelu today Tony O. Elumelu: Most Exemplary Billionaire

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Equinoxe TV’s MIMI MEFO Recognized in Investigative Journalism Awards



MIMI Mefo TAKAMBOU a worker with Douala based Television Channel, Equinoxe TV, has been recognized by the British High Commission with a special prize as the only Television entry in the Investigative Journalism competition.

Though she was not among the first three laureates, the judges found her stunning story on the living conditions of prisoners In Cameroon worthy to have a special prize. Her report on several prisons in Cameroon portrayed the realities in Cameroonian prisons, the disgusting living conditions and the reaction of legal minds.

The jury found her report special and encouraged her to do more next time in fostering development. According to MIMI Mefo what motivated her to carry out the research was the disturbing stories that emanated from Cameroon prisons, “I have spoken with detainees, worked with prison chaplains and come to reality of what prisoners go through, their living conditions are appalling, in the midst of this, the government is doing practically nothing, prisons are overcrowded, you cannot imagine that about 65% of prisoners today are still waiting trial, it’s terrible”, she bemoaned.

The graduate from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the University of Buea further says it is time for the government to take its responsibilities with concrete actions towards ameliorating the conditions of prisoners, she says “There is need for reforms in the penitentiary sector, lawyers, prison guards, magistrates and everyone including the Justice minister has to put hands on deck to foster the strict respect of human rights of prisoners. I still have much work to carry out; it is time for us media men and women to also shed lights on issues like this in order to promote good governance”.

The Award ceremony took place in Yaoundé Thursday March 31, at the residence of Brian Olley, British High Commissioner to Cameroon

The first winners of the award included Snowsel Ano-Ebie, worker with CRTV emerged first ,Aminde Blaise ATABONG of The Guardian Post came second while MOKI Edwin Kendzeka of CRTV and Eugene NFORNGWA of The Standard Tribune had a tie in the third place.

The winners came from an entry list of 30 journalists. AFRICAphonie, a Buea based institution which organized the competition in collaboration with British High Commission says next edition will witness modifications; there will be prizes for each category, TV, Radio and Print.

Mimi MEFO TAKAMBOU currently works with Equinoxe Television she has proven to be daring in her close to five years of service in the Douala based private Channel. Mimi has covered human rights events, child abuse and other stories that portray the socio-economic and political scene of Cameroon.

The 27 year old Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ Douala Chapter member is a Tv news anchor.



Grand Demonstration Announced At Laquintini


Following the unfortunate incident which took place at the Laquintinie hospital yesterday, March 12, the civil society is organizing a peaceful demonstration at 3:00pm. in front of the hospital against what they call neglect in  State hospitals .

Monique KOMATE  ,31, who died while in the process of delivery   was rushed to the hospital in Douala from the Tergal hospital which had admitted the case was serious. Upon arrival at the Laquintini hospital, mortuary attendants  confirmed she had died perhaps on their way but that the two babies be retrieved from her body. But because of lack of money, the doctors and nurses refused attending to her. She was forced out of the hospital.

It is her sister  who reportedly used razor blade on her, tore open her womb and delivered a set of twins. The twins died minutes later joining their mother who had given up the ghost.

There have been an outrage on social media and massive mobilization for this Sunday to say no to negligence on part of doctors and nurses. This comes at a time when a ministerial circular clearly stated that persons with emergency cases could be treated before deposit of money.

RATU International Festival Invests 200 Million In Cameroon

10864875_1762830477276957_1872126307_nRatu International festival has announced a whooping investment of 200 million fcfa in Cameroon in the domains of Fashion,Music and Movie.The promoter Ratu Erma Olierhoek whose background is not presented  made the revelation during a press conference in Douala Thursday.The  Cameroon based designer is originally from Asia precisely Indonesia.

The designer is extending her skills to a fashion event organising alongside some associates with the launch of the Ratu International Festival – a festival which aims to showcase emerging talents in fashion, movie and music at different locations but with the main event taking place at the widely used Maison du Parti Bonanjo in Douala from October 29 to October 31, 2015.

Interested participants will be requested to submit their fashion, music and movie materials via designated channels which will allow the member of the jury on the panel at this festival to select the best according to their criteria. 10 fashion designers, 3 movies and 9 music artistes will be given the opportunity to participate on that day.

Sponsored by major brands such as Maggi, Brussels Airlines, G4S, the event initiative has apparently attracted national and international personalities who are keen on exploring the creativity. Although the event sounds exciting, it is with hope that the event will be:

For an effective event, there are three core activities to ensure a fair and consistent selection:
– Competitions to promote young designers, movie producers and musicians,
– Workshop to educate young designers, movie producers and musicians
– Exhibitions , concerts and gala to celebrate with both national and international guests

It is about time we have a well-executed event in Cameroon and this could be the start.

MINESEC and the MTN Foundation launch

MINESEC and the MTN Foundationlaunch the 2nd edition of the Competition to Select the Best Teacher in Using and Integrating ICTs

Secondary school teachers are called upon to showcase their initiatives aimed at integrating ICTs in pedagogic methods.

Douala, 23April 2015 –The MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation in Cameroon and its partner, the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC)announce that, they shall on Thursday 23 April 2015, at Government High School Mayap, Noun Division in the West Region, launch the second edition of the Competition to Select the Best Teacher in Using and Integrating ICTs in Teaching.

The ceremony to officially launch the Competition shall be presided over by the Inspector General of Pedagogy (IGP) at MINESEC,Mrs.Mpoudi Ngolle and Princess RabiatouNjoya, Member of the MTN Foundation Board of Trustees accompanied by Mr. Melvin Akam, Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation.

Open to secondary school teachers of the ten regions of Cameroon, the second edition of this Competition seeks the following:
 Ensure healthy emulation amongst secondary school teachers without distinction of discipline, in using ICTs;
 Drive the interest of research in innovative pedagogic methods;
 Contribute to meet the objectives of quality education.

To participate, the candidates must download free of charge, the application from one of the following websites:

The deadline for admitting application files is 30 June 2015. And the winners of this second edition of the Competition to Select the Best Teacher shall be rewarded and celebrated by the Ministry of Secondary Education and MTN Foundation in September 2015.
Government High School Maya, hosting the official ceremony to launch the second edition of the Competition had produced the Grand National Winner of the first edition, in the person of MariusTchakounang, who had developed a highly performing piece of Mathematics drill/practice software. His initiative obtained the score of 91/100, being the best of the 10 regional winners. The digital media produced by the teachers and submitted during the competition have enriched the knowledge base of MINESECfor better training of learners.

According to Jean-Melvin AKAM, Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation,“the MTN Foundation is an essential partner of Governmentin the implementation of the national policy to ensure access by all to quality education in Cameroon. Through this competition, we intend reaffirming with the Ministry of Secondary Educationthat, the teacher is the key to our education system, and giving them the place and dignity they deserve in society. The competition to select the best teacher is an initiative that will lead to others, in view of boosting the capacity of teachers, their development and growth”.
About the MTN Foundation.
The MTN Foundation is the very first corporate foundation created in Cameroon. MTN Cameroon each year invests 1% of its profit, therein. Since its official launch in 2006, the Foundation has worked for the welfare of communities in Cameroon by investing in Education, Health, the Environment and Community Development.

To participate in the Competition: Register on http://www.mtnfoundation.cm
Follow the Competition on Twitter at: #MTNICTeachers

Follow the MTN Foundation at: https://twitter.com/MTNFoundationandwww.facebook.com/mtnfoundation
About MTN Cameroon.A subsidiary of the MTN Group represented in 22countries and leader of telecommunicationsin Africa, MTN Cameroon is a mobile money payment services and communications provider in Cameroon since February 2000. MTN is one of the five most significant companies in Cameroon.

Most high-tech teacher 2015

Press Contact: Massey Njiti BONGANG, Corporate Communications Manager, MTN Cameroon
Tel: +237 677 55 11 15 E-mail: Njiti_N@mtncameroon.net

Press Contact: Sarah KIMIS, in charge of Communication -MINESEC
Tel. +237 2 22 00 0036 E-mail:sarakimis1@yahoo.fr

Irresponsible Cameroonians- Biya 2015

Dear young compatriots,

In my address to you at this same time last year, I gave you a glimpse of our renewed economic growth and, of course, positive job creation prospects. Well, this recovery was confirmed in the course of last year. There are statistics to prove it.

As I mentioned in my 2014 end-of-year message, 283 443 jobs have been created by government services and enterprises. In 2015, we expect 350 000 new jobs to be created. At this time next year, we will have the opportunity to take stock of all the jobs created since 2011.

Biya10022015Obviously, this is commendable. However, we must also recognize that we are far from a glorious sustainable recovery that can alone transform our country into an Eldorado.

Such bright spell must be sustainable and consolidated to lead to economic emergence. At any rate, our youth will continue to reap its benefits.

I am well aware that many of you, whether educated or not, are unemployed. I am well aware that to survive, many of you resort to precarious options that are unrelated to your training or qualification.

This situation is in several cases due to the global context as well as our educational system.

For nearly twenty years, unfair terms of trade and successive economic and financial crises have slowed down our development process and thus made job opportunities scarce.

Another possible cause is the delay in gearing our educational system towards professionalization.

For a long time, we believed that it sufficed to make education accessible to the greatest number and continually raise its level, to mechanically resolve the unemployment problem.

Our primary, secondary and high schools, universities and professional schools must constantly adapt to the changing world. In our quest for development, we should be guided by the need to train youths who are capable of building our country.

Technological advancement has changed the way things are done. The new economy is computer-dominated. We should focus on training technicians and engineers. The ongoing professionalization of secondary and higher education seeks to meet this requirement. In this light, manual labour, which has been neglected, will definitely need to be given its deserved place from primary school.

In a country like ours, whose ambitions in the areas of agriculture, mining, tourism, arts, sports and the environment are an open secret, and where handicraft and small enterprises still occupy a prominent position, it is indispensable to have better training institutions that prepare our youth for these trades.

These sectors are real niches for growth and skilled jobs such as plumbing, electricity and motor and industrial mechanics.

Industrialization, especially key anchor projects and our agricultural policy will only increase our needs in these specialties. Needless to point out that in more advanced countries, such trades are often better paid than those in the business and service sectors.

From that perspective, given the relatively recent adoption of professionalization of education in Cameroon, its impact on employment will definitely not be immediate.

You might then ask me: given the urgency and the fact that youth are naturally impatient, what do we do and how?

I urge the Government to use the existing structures to continue providing vocational training, promoting self-employment and micro-project financing. I also urge every trades chamber, employers’ organization, in short, the private sector, to pull its own weight.

Dear young compatriots,

Our country’s ongoing and irreversible transformation is only possible with you, and for you.

How could it be otherwise when the youth represent one half of our population?

The youth are also known to be passionate. That, I understand. However, they should show some moderation in their drive and be realistic.

Do not be misled notably by birds of ill omen, dreamers and enthusiasts of virtual calls for destabilization through the social networks. These irresponsible prophets are desperately seeking to manipulate you.

Never has our national cohesion been as indispensable as during this delicate period when our country is facing external threat from barbaric enemies.

It is not at a time when our nation’s outlook is bright that we should listen to calls for division and destabilization.

Dear young compatriots,

I have always trusted you. I know you treasure our unity. I know you cherish peace, progress and justice. I also know your good sense and your pragmatism.

I am certain that the horrific scenes being witnessed in some countries torn by civil war, religious conflicts, population displacements and anarchy will deter you from getting involved in such adventures.

Take the example of our young soldiers who are ensuring our security along our borders.  Their bravery, their sense of duty and sacrifice show us what utmost love for fatherland can be.

The war they are waging on our behalf, at the risk of their lives, involves the entire Nation. There is no doubt that with the support of us all, we will emerge victorious. Friendly countries that cherish peace and freedom, the international community and world opinion are on our side.

Happy Youth Day to all of you!

Long live the Cameroonian youth!

Long live Cameroon!

Meva’a M’Eboutou Magic Too Weak To Stand Infront Of Biya ?

While members of the diplomatic corps, constitutional corps, religious authorities, members of government and civil society were wishing head of state Happy New year 2015 at the unity palace Thursday, an unforgettable scene occurred former minister of Finance Meva’a M’Eboutou after greeting the head of state, turned left as if to take his position but fell on his way.

Senate SG falls after greeting Biya

Senate SG falls after greeting Biya

mevaa mevoto

The 76 year old Secretary General of the Cameroon Senate literally collapse before President Paul Biya after greeting him.
But what was so particular is that nobody came to his aid not even the president standing beside him showed any concern. The man could have been collapsing from a heart attack as someone noted. Critics say it would have been a great sign for Mr Biya to reach out to his friend and give a helping hand.
The scene watched nationwide and live on national station does not speak well on manners of dignitaries present at the event.