*paulitics in Cameroon:scracth my back,i scracth your own

*Paulitics in Cameroon is taking a different bend.As the 2011 presidential elections draw nearer ,21 candidates have been selected to run for the election in October.Among them incombent Paul Biya,Ni John and others.what i am more interested in are the two protagonist who will be at the fore front.BIYA AND FRU NDI.Did someone know or could ever imagine the ease at which these candidates sent in their files?NO…yet we only heard media houses announcing how the two have sent their candidature.But how,when and what criteria were used to select them.Yes we know they say there was no one to stand in preliminaries.even those who wanted were  scared AWAY by the bull dogs.This melodrama is a nice one for the audience that we are,but is it going to end well?we hope at the end some actors will not leave the stage prematurely.

Now there is the question of wether some opposition parties should amalgamate.Let me bring to you arguements taken from some persons on facebook on Hon.Ayah Paul question wether he should amalgamate.HEAR THEM.

Akoko, you seem to have swallowed the seed of wisdom to really know that I am a fool but not to realise that Ayah Paul Abine like other CPDM cohorts who have by ommission or commission destroyed the country should like Mubarak be heading to the dock. I have no quarell with you and hope you whole your rounds. The CPDM and Ayah who has legislated and backed it for decade must face the wrath of those who have suffered tribulation and and a sense of great lost from their reign. They institutionalised torture, raped, pillaged and destroyed the dreams of millions. The robbed the people of consent and murdered those who questioned it. They treated the people like captives and emptied the treasury. The turned the country from an icon land of love and nostalgia into a mass grave. They brought shame and disgrace to efforts of the ordinary folks who toiled day in and out. And after the Titanic has sunk, the use the few life jacket to sail ashore and asked the same people they cheated to give them a chance to replace Biya. It will be laughable were it not so sad. Its like Hitler resurrected and trying to convince the Germans that if it were not for Winter he would have seized Russia. Do you think for all the pain and suffering, the shame brought to bear on these people will be that stupid to consider these rapist and cheats trustworthy enough to grant them power. Forchive should be thinking…oh I wish I put my candidature against Biya. Not this time. We will arrest these guys and lock them up in Bakingili.AYABA

Mr. Ayaba, I can understand your position, I feel the same way with you to some degree, we are all human and wouldn’t stop beeing human.. who is the leader of the Libya NTC?, check out well this guy has been working with Gaddafi for a long time but now he is a hero… could we Cameroonians learn for ones to accept and forgive people? Yes Ayah has during his political carrier mislead Cameroonians by defending the CPDM party but….. He was the first parliamentarian from the CPDM to expose what that party is… through Ayah Paul we are able to know what Biya and his gangs has been doing with our resources …. You have the right to your opinion and should learn how to be humane… Our ideology shouldn’t stop us from understanding that we have a common enemy in the name of Biyalism in Cameroon. We most put all hand on desk to stop what I would call another BIYALINIZATION of Cameroon for another 7years……May all be one for this fight….AGOABIN

well for me i think it will only be a good idea if the other candidates he intends to merge with are as patriotic as our Honourable Ayah Paul Abine. if not i will prefer he stands in the fight alone, depending only on his supporters. i also think he can best know the intentions of the other candidates. that will help him make a choice or had it been he suggested some of the candidates he thinks he could merge with, it could then be a better start for us his supporters to go through their various profiles and see if we can chose one from amongst. all the same Good luck.APONGACHAP

  • Hans NyaaYes. Let him ally with Fru Ndi; Garga Haman and Jean Jacque Ekindi, because these are people who are serious for 4 a new Cameroon and can not be easily bought over with money or appointments by the present regime.
  • Hans NyaaYes. Let him ally with Fru Ndi; Garga Haman and Jean Jacque Ekindi, because these are people who are serious for 4 a new Cameroon and can not be easily bought over with money or appointments by the present regime.
  • Gerald Kiku Nicely said Ayaba Cho Lucas Scyl.Indeed your correlation of AyahPaul Abines’ position to A resurrected Hitler wishing to convince Germans that only winter stopped him from taking Russia is very amusing but nonetheless gives the satirical version events as far as this election is concerned.Only a fully healthy brain can deduct with precision the real implications of the on going melodrama in Cameroon
  • Fritz MisodiThose candidates with similar ideologies, and political strategies can be included in the union.I mean after a proper background check of what the electorates most want we can conclude with those who aspire and hope for a born again Cameroon. Those whose political agenda does not align with the ruling party and most especially those whose camaraderie links with the CPDM is suspicious and conspicuous should be left out. This means all the opposition party leaders and their members should agree to be under thesame banner and under thesame oath of allegiance before the election to avoid black mailers and blackleggers.We need all to be in thesame boat to win together.There are more than 50+ opposition political parties andwe do not need to call names or parties.All we need is true commitment and devotedness to bring that change we all need. The CPDM cannot challenge 50 parties if all stand in one voice and dream.
  • well the opinions are different but the truth remains PAULITICS in Cameroon has become gutter POLITICS.OFCOURSE WE KNOW WHO HAS WON THE ELECTION……are we together?

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