• The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has now moved into higher gear as concerns professionalism. This is because the staff strength in terms of public relations and international communication as well as environmental communication and sustainability.

    One of the longest serving staff of the department, Dr Che Tita, University of Florida graduate, has promised to use his experience to reinforce and strengthen the public relations studies at the undergraduate, graduate and the staffing level of the department.

     The Acting HOD pointed out that public relations is a relatively new field in Cameroon adding that he intends to use his qualification to encourage public relations students of the department and to connect them to the fast changing technological era. He expressed satisfaction with the output and quality of department’s alumni saying, despite the limited resources at their disposal, they have been able to deliver the goods.

     Commenting on the importance of professionalism, Dr Victor Cheo with specialization in environmental communication and sustainability said mainstream media and the ICTs are often used to communicate information about people, events and occurrences. The don pointed out that global warming is a major problem that is affecting the world today especially the environment. He pointed out that communication experts in this field were now inevitable. He stated that his expertise will help improve environmental communication which is almost absent in Cameroon.


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