The population of check point Buea,were yesterday Tuesday thrown into grief and biwilderment when fire vanished a plank house to ashes.the incident took place at about 4:30 pm from a certain ma Rachels room.she is said to have been notified by the child who raised an alarm that the roof was on fire,but before people could come to their aid,the entire compound was filled with unquenchable fire that ravaged almost all belonging of Tenants who constitute families and students.the plank house belonged to a certain pa Dan who at the time of the incident was not around.the man in whose room the fire began is said to have kept the sum of 200000 frs,money he was expecting to pay workers in the complex he works(A1 Complex Buea).apart of the belongings consumed by the wild fire,no one is reported death but for a man whose head was axed in the process of putting out the fire.the cause of the fire is still unknown,but it is rumoured that it occured as a result of a spark from the Electricity meter.


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