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SW Elites demand more higher education schools as Reunification child

Elites of the South West Region have called on the Government to create a higher teachers training college, technical teachers training college and a university teaching hospital.

   The call was made during the occasion of the launching of the South West Regional Support Committee for the celebration of fifty years of reunification. On behalf of the south west Elites association, SWELA, the secretary general, Epie Kale while thanking the Head of State for appointing some elites in the south west in high post of responsibility in the Government, appealed for the tarring of more roads like the Akwa-Isangele road and others which are in a state of devastation.

    The elites also called on the government to create a higher teachers training college, higher technical teachers training college in kumba and the construction of a teaching hospital in the University of Buea.

     The ceremony to launch the Reunification support committees for the south west region took place Saturday, March 17, 2012 at the CNPS hall Buea, under the chairmanship of former prime minister and grand chancellor of national orders, Peter Mafany Musonge who called on all and sundry to work tirelessly for a great celebration of reunification with the south west region as host. The former Prime Minister also reiterated the fact that it is not only a southwest affair but a national one. “it is a national event which will be celebrated across the length and breath of the country, it involves everyone not only the southwest region”. The               regional support committee includes: Sensitization and Mobilization, Transportation, Lodging, Logistics, Food and drinks, Decoration, Secretariat, Cultural and animation, Gift, Dinner and gala and finally Finance committees.

  Also speaking at the launching ceremony, the lord mayor of the Buea Council, Mbellea Moki Charles urged south west Elites to burry their differences and unite for a high-quality celebration.

   The eleven committees, whose members include all the six divisions in the south west , were reminded to meet regularly for preparation of the first fund raising that has been previewed for Kumba on April 21,2012.The fundraising which will also extend to other regions is aimed at supporting the celebration.

Issues like transportation, lodging of the various committees were also discussed. The elites also raised the issue of Yaoundé relegating them to the background when it comes to events to be celebrated in the south West Region.

     Present during the launching ceremony, amongst others were: Vice President of the House of Assembly, Hon.Emilia Lifaka, Minister Delegate at External Relations in charge of Commonwealth, Chief Dr Dion Ngute, assistant Secretary General at the Presidency, Peter Agbor Tabi, Minister Delegate in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, Mengut Victor Arrey, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Ngolle Philip Ngwesse, former Prime Minister, Chief Ephraim Inoni, a cross section of south west chiefs, Clergy men and elites.

The ceremony ended with a call on all sub committees to go to work while expecting the second steering committee to meet before April 21, 2012.