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Shocking news heat the air waves like a thunderous lightening, Friday afternoon when the National Station announced  at 1pm,that Dr Nalova Lyonga, now former Deputy Vice chancellor in charge of Teaching,professionalization ,Information  and communication technology in the University of Buea has replaced Professor Vincent PK Titanji as Vice Chancellor.This news first came as rumor among students and Lecturers, then to reality when the English version of the News was broadcaste  at 3pm.To many it was just like a normal decree, but this one was  special because had been expected long ago and it affects UB. Indeed it is the truth, a lady is at the helm, she is now in charge!!!

Dr Nalova,new VC

This recent appointment from a presidential decree Friday June 29,2012 has come at a time when many had predicted  Titanji’s departure, who is now on retirement. Dr Nalova Lyonga, author of African Books Collective (Socrates in Cameroon) is the second female as well as indigent  of the South West Region at the mantle of command in the Place To Be, after Njeuma.Titanji was named Vice Chancellor  on December 14,2012,six years after he is succeeded by another Iron lady.

The new Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, will have as great task to curb down the numerous strike action,problem of transcripts,poor water facilities,little or no street light and many others.Dr Nalova Lyonga passed all stages of the corporate ladder at the University of Buea. Specialist in literature in English, she was vice president before her new promotion.

Prof.Titanji, Outgoing VC

According to the presidential decree,the former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Yaounde 1 , Maurice Aurelien Sosso, also former  Inspector General of services to the Ministry of Higher Education,now called up as new Rector at Yaounde One.  The new rector of the University of Douala is a political scientist, a teacher at IRIC, Dieudonné Oyono, specialist in the history of international relations was the coordinator of the National Governance Programme before his new post.

The presidential also text devotes a presidential mutation. The physicist Oumarou Bouba, a native of Benue, left the University of Yaounde 1  to that of 2. Nalova Lyonga is the first woman promoted to head a public University since  Dorothy Njeuma left. Since the departure of the latter, a native of South West or Fako, had not led the first Anglo-Saxon University of the countrtry.  Head of IRIC, Dieudonné Oyono, inherits the largest University in the economic capital. Aurelien Maurice Sosso, son of Nkam,  is the first Sawa who will lead the University of Yaounde 1 since its inception in 1993. leaders of State Universities of Dschang, Bamenda, Maroua and Ngaoundere have not been changed.



It is almost time we part company,the publication of the draft time table for the Second semester exams is an indication that very soon some persons will be missing UB.

Yes we have gone a long way from 2009 till date sitting in the same class room;seeing the same faces for long has certainly been a tough and happy one.

Now our Time is Out,this is the moment for all to burn the mid-night candle to succeed at the end.We need to thank God for soo long a short journey it has been.The assignments,programs,trips,just all of them.

These are the Younger Ones, who will continue the race..

You know life is short and worth nothing for someone who fails to appreciate his closest collaborators.Let us thank all those whom we ate together,slept under cold,did assignments and group work together.Life is full of challenges,the out side world is yet another step into the real life;a life of happiness and sorrow.

Oh yes! we have gone a long way and there is no turning back,we thank all our lecturers,it has been a family!
As we set forth to write our last exams, we want to pray for Gods Blessings even in our projects.Let there be divine intervention amongst the lazy,let us come as one and let NO ONE be left behind because our Time is Out.

GOD BLESS…Hanson Nfor, on behalf of level 400 Students JMC,UB.


Former newspaper executive Rebekah Brooks, the woman at the heart of a scandal shaking Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and the British government, appeared in court on Friday at the opening of her prosecution on charges of hiding evidence from police.

Brooks, who is close to Murdoch and was friends with successive British prime ministers, resigned as chief executive of Murdoch’s British newspaper group in July 2011 over revelations of phone-hacking by reporters at one of her papers.


The publication of affectionate text messages she used to exchange with Prime Minister David Cameron has caused the government deep embarrassment. Brooks and five others, including her well-connected husband Charlie and her former personal assistant, were charged in May with perverting the course of justice. They are accused of conspiring to hide boxes of documents and computers from police.

A composed Rebekah, whose striking long red curls make her one of Britain’s most recognisable public figures, wore a tight-fitting black dress and glamorous high-heeled shoes with red soles for her appearance at London’s Southwark Crown Court. In court, the six defendants rose and spoke only to identify themselves. In brief proceedings, the judge set various deadlines for legal documents and evidence to be submitted and scheduled the defendants to enter their pleas on Sept 26.

The Brooks couple, who deny the charges against them, smiled at each other and shared a joke as the hearing ended. They walked out of the courthouse into a blaze of camera flashes and departed in a black car with tinted windows. The phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World Sunday tabloid, which Murdoch abruptly shut down last July to try and limit the damage, set off a chain of events that have dominated the British news agenda for a year and are still playing out. More than 50 journalists and public officials have been arrested on suspicion of hacking or corrupt relationships, and a public inquiry has exposed ties too close for comfort between Murdoch’s inner circle and the men at the top of government.

As editor of the News of the World, where the trouble began, and later of the Sun, Britain’s most read newspaper, Brooks once wielded enormous influence as she sent her reporters after the secrets of the rich and the powerful. But since the phone-hacking scandal exploded in July 2011 she has turned from hunter to prey, her every appearance in public drawing crowds of paparazzi and her every word dissected by a gleeful press. At the Leveson Inquiry, set up by Cameron in response to the hacking scandal to investigate the ethics of the press, she revealed that he used to sign his frequent text messages to her “LOL”, which he took to mean “lots of love”.

During Cameron’s own testimony, it emerged she had once texted him that she was “so rooting for him” and that they were “professionally in this together”. Before the Conservative leader took office in 2010, Brooks had been equally friendly with his Labour predecessors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. She enjoyed private dinners with Blair, while the Browns attended her wedding to Charlie Brooks in 2009. reuters


Shocked indeed, with the outcome of an already predicted fire and brimstone meeting by someone whose voice can hardly be heard even in the grave yard.My good friends of all time, it is very bad for someone to predict the outcome or fate of a person, who spends his time in activities that does not benefit him,that will have no use to him, not even when he sets to look for a job.My goodness perhaps it may be used as CV for a good writer.No i meant to say grass root writer,yes this what we call those persons who write and publish without facts.I wonder how those persons will cope when in the field.Maybe reports written in bedrooms may read thus¨THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD¨when actually the president is fine.

Now let me come back to some ill informed persons tussling for their voices to be heard.In fact,the continuous existence of quacks in the journalism profession is gradually driving the noble profession  of being completely encapsulated in GRESHAM Law in Economics where the bad drive out the good ones and reign supreme in their newly conquered world.The falsehood they publish on so call Blogs is a threat to the truth and hard facts which in journalism are supposed to be sacrosanct.

if Quacks or Okrika Journalist are not checked, even among Student Journalist,they will,through their art,institute a culture of lie telling .Today in ASJUB,some blatant and verifiable lies is been forced into the minds of happy members who love the association.These people suffer from financial,intellectual and moral poverty,telling students that the association is in debt.even without a questionnaire,let me ask YOU reader this question, HAVE YOU NOT ENJOYED YOUR DUES IN ASJUB?. Have We the Executives not done our best?


SORRY for you,who will change nothing,let the students be free to consume the truth and not reduced to slaves of falsehood propagated by is better to know than to be ignorant,it is better to tell the truth than be buried in the bumbling arrogance of ignorance and tyrannical cruelty of mediocrity meted out by speculators. Please be SORRY OF PASSING JUDGEMENT INSTEAD OF LOVE…I FORGIVE YOU.


England Coach,Roy Hodgson admitted his dreams were shattered as he departed Poland, but he and Steven Gerrard believe England have given a good account of themselves at UEFA EURO 2012.he was speaking after they losed to Italy by penalty shoot out in the last quarter final game last Sunday

Alessandro Diamanti struck the decisive penalty as Italy edged past England 4-2 on penalties to set up a UEFA EURO 2012 semi-final meeting with Germany in Warsaw on Thursday.

Italy players celebrating their victory over England

After an electrifying opening in Kyiv, the imperious Andrea Pirlo took the baton and much of the game took place at his sumptuous tempo. Yet Italy were never quite able to crown his regal approach play. The threat of the counterpunch was always there, and remained even after the end of the 120 minutes when Riccardo Montolivo missed his spot kick. Ashley Young hit the bar, however, and Gianluigi Buffon denied Ashley Cole, allowing Diamanti to calmly slot in.

This was a quarter-final that began as it ended – with heart in mouth. Either side could have been ahead inside five minutes. First Daniele De Rossi rattled the upright from all of 30 metres with a vicious, sliced half-volley that was always arcing beyond the scrambling Joe Hart’s hopeful hands.

Back came England, and Glen Johnson ought to have broken the deadlock when James Milner’s deflected cross perfectly intersected his run. The ball got caught under his feet, though, and his weak shot was in the end comfortably clawed away by Buffon. The pace was not about to relent just yet, either.

Italy’s forward forays were studied, full of elegance and elan as Antonio Cassano and Pirlo picked at England’s defensive line, looking for a chink in the armour. Roy Hodgson’s men embraced a more direct approach, with Johnson their battering ram down the right. The manoeuvre was no less effective – Leonardo Bonucci, starting in place of the injured Giorgio Chiellini, and the excellent Ignazio Abate both made key interventions.

Gradually Johnson was put back in his place, at right-back, as the Azzurri found their rhythm. They also discovered a new attacking ploy: rather than try to blast a hole through England’s defensive wall, they sought to scale it. It so nearly brought rich reward. The tactical master Pirlo was the brains behind it, releasing Mario Balotelli with a fine lifted ball and it took a brilliant block from the vigilant John Terry to keep it 0-0.

Cassano almost released his strike partner in similar style before he and Pirlo combined to fashion the chance of the half as the interval approached. Pirlo’s raking cross to the far post found Cassano, whose header back into the box landed perfectly for Balotelli – only for Manchester City FC club-mate Joleon Lescott to get there first, superbly spearing the ball over the bar. The Italy assault resumed after the restart, however.

De Rossi lashed wastefully wide, Hart denied Balotelli and Montolivo fired over with the goal at his mercy. The majestic Pirlo was at the heart of Italy’s ascendancy, beating even substitute Andy Carroll in aerial duels and simply unstoppable with the ball at his sage feet. The breakthrough seemed only a matter of time – it never came, more heroic defending from Johnson denying Antonio Nocerino at the death to force extra time.

The additional half-hour came and went with relatively little incident, save for an Diamanti cross that evaded everyone before hitting the upright and a Nocerino header that found the net but also the assistant’s flag. Penalties had no lack of incident, including an audacious chipped Pirlo effort. And then it ended as it now has six of the seven times England have endured a major tournament shoot-out – with their defeat. Italy go on, though they will be without the suspended Christian Maggio against Germany.

And now Germany,Spain,Italy and Portugal will be playing the Semi,one thing remains clear Germany and Spain may meet again in the finals like in 2008 but note should be taken of the big under dog Portugal,for they too are in great shape…