I hate to rain on any parade  but i will go out on a limb to say that accused is proven innocent till proven guilty.By the way when did chicken suddenly develop teeth to bite? or has it forgotten that it is not a member of the family? let us not kid ourselves who ever said that ASJUB was in trouble? or is someone planning to gun it down!daredevil!!!

How come a minority evil doers with no visible claim nor iota of truth now know more than the EXCO and claim they,Executives are in ‘Deep Shit’. Certainly there is a rat in the house whom each time it hears what the masters say,it takes the gossip to it’s so call friend,forgetting that these friends may mock at him instead.

The Association of student Journalist,University of Buea has been faring well haven organized one of its last activity for the year,OPEN DAY,the majority duely registered members lacked words of appreciation to the out going EXCO for a wonderful year,yet a few who are still trying their hands on writing regardless of the rule of Libretas,Veritas and Probitas in news writing.These are same people who have forgotten the Objectivity,Fairness and Balance aspect of basic News writing and have turn to writing missive gushed with impetuosity of sluice thrown open freely oozing out without arrest,they have already tried and detain the EXCO for what ever reasons best known to them.

Happy ASJUB Family during Open Day celebration

The only spectator of this melodrama which could be a lullaby is the group instigating the claim and forcing it on students to accept.The Department has always been a God Father to the Association and this year was not different.In fact it is thanks to them that activities could be organized smoothly,so WHO IS COMPLAINING ? about what! If i were them, i will concentrate on key issues in my academics rather than been a town crier who has little or no audience to listen to his message.This is just a group of admirable race of racketeers to whom larceny seems to have been given in a ball of thread which they went on to catch.Same persons who chanted the sweet memories and drank from the kings cup,it is unsound to now hear them talk and sing  of prison bells.

ASJUB IS OK! AND WILL REMAIN OK! Let the almighty intercede!!!Shame on you


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  1. U see my brother we met ASJUB and we are all going to leave it some day that is y we must try as much as possible to leave it in a more better state so pls it has gotten to the point of insult . ASJUB matters but our relationship with one another matters the most .wish u the best and all members of ASJUB ,JMC is a family . LET THE BEST TEAM WIN IN THE ELECTION BY GOD’S GRACE .AMEN

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