Shocked indeed, with the outcome of an already predicted fire and brimstone meeting by someone whose voice can hardly be heard even in the grave yard.My good friends of all time, it is very bad for someone to predict the outcome or fate of a person, who spends his time in activities that does not benefit him,that will have no use to him, not even when he sets to look for a job.My goodness perhaps it may be used as CV for a good writer.No i meant to say grass root writer,yes this what we call those persons who write and publish without facts.I wonder how those persons will cope when in the field.Maybe reports written in bedrooms may read thus¨THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD¨when actually the president is fine.

Now let me come back to some ill informed persons tussling for their voices to be heard.In fact,the continuous existence of quacks in the journalism profession is gradually driving the noble profession  of being completely encapsulated in GRESHAM Law in Economics where the bad drive out the good ones and reign supreme in their newly conquered world.The falsehood they publish on so call Blogs is a threat to the truth and hard facts which in journalism are supposed to be sacrosanct.

if Quacks or Okrika Journalist are not checked, even among Student Journalist,they will,through their art,institute a culture of lie telling .Today in ASJUB,some blatant and verifiable lies is been forced into the minds of happy members who love the association.These people suffer from financial,intellectual and moral poverty,telling students that the association is in debt.even without a questionnaire,let me ask YOU reader this question, HAVE YOU NOT ENJOYED YOUR DUES IN ASJUB?. Have We the Executives not done our best?


SORRY for you,who will change nothing,let the students be free to consume the truth and not reduced to slaves of falsehood propagated by is better to know than to be ignorant,it is better to tell the truth than be buried in the bumbling arrogance of ignorance and tyrannical cruelty of mediocrity meted out by speculators. Please be SORRY OF PASSING JUDGEMENT INSTEAD OF LOVE…I FORGIVE YOU.

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