It is almost time we part company,the publication of the draft time table for the Second semester exams is an indication that very soon some persons will be missing UB.

Yes we have gone a long way from 2009 till date sitting in the same class room;seeing the same faces for long has certainly been a tough and happy one.

Now our Time is Out,this is the moment for all to burn the mid-night candle to succeed at the end.We need to thank God for soo long a short journey it has been.The assignments,programs,trips,just all of them.

These are the Younger Ones, who will continue the race..

You know life is short and worth nothing for someone who fails to appreciate his closest collaborators.Let us thank all those whom we ate together,slept under cold,did assignments and group work together.Life is full of challenges,the out side world is yet another step into the real life;a life of happiness and sorrow.

Oh yes! we have gone a long way and there is no turning back,we thank all our lecturers,it has been a family!
As we set forth to write our last exams, we want to pray for Gods Blessings even in our projects.Let there be divine intervention amongst the lazy,let us come as one and let NO ONE be left behind because our Time is Out.

GOD BLESS…Hanson Nfor, on behalf of level 400 Students JMC,UB.


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