An angry looking customers of the Molyko based Security Finance Corporation, beside Presbyterian Church, locked up some workers of the said institution for the bank’s failure to produce their money.

It was a black day for these workers Friday July 6, 2012 when customers of this micro finance institution could not withdraw money from their accounts.According to what i  gathered,these clients have been coming for weeks now to withdraw money from their accounts but the bank keeps on telling them that money is not available.

it was today when  close to 30 customers stormed the institution and locked up some workers in their offices, demanding that  their money be given to them.One of the clients told The Young Informant that he was supposed to travel abroad but his VISA will son expire because of the bank’s failure to give his 450000 fcfa.

At the time i left the scene,Police Officers were there to secure the workers and maintain order, meanwhile uncertainty still looms in the air as to whether the customers of Security Finance Corporation will receive their money.

to be continued…


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