Will Biya Come to Buea

As October draws near, many are in doubt if finally Paul Biya will visit Buea, for the celebration of 50 years of Cameroon’s reunification; if there will be any celebration at all!

For there seems to be little or no sign that a celebration of such magnitude will be held in Buea.The Parliamentarian flat still under construction and Buea Mountain hotel still under renovation is a perfect indication that nothing is going to be celebrated in October.

Maybe what seems to be the main sign of preparation is the recent demolition exercise in Buea which has left many homeless.In-fact this exercise which the Mayor says had been overdue come at a time when the Great Soppo market was relocated.

Just because of  ‘one’ person, many persons have little or nothing to eat because of the demolition of their businesses.One question that stands out clear,is that where was the council or town planners when some of these structures were being constructed?

Some of these structures have their plans and were given orders to construct but they now have no choice than to abandon their businesses.

the mayor for Buea Rural Council says  “We have assumed our responsibility for a better tomorrow, in keeping with the vision of the Buea Council. Our approach must not be limited to preparations towards the upcoming celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Cameroon scheduled to take place in Buea. Our vision requires that “by 2035, Buea should be a strong, economically active Municipality, with adequate and equitable distribution of social infrastructures allowing citizens to live in a secure, healthy and comfortable environment”. Our call is for our citizens to join the Council in pursuing this vision. Let the people of Buea join the Council and answer this call…”

One is tempted to ask what call is it and who will be calling.Oh! maybe the 2035 we are all waiting for,when we will be grandparents.Who is confusing us that Buea will one day be called a city or even urban council?when there are no firms, no road networks and you name the rest.

Lets wait and see!



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