Dues payment is not compulsory-UB VC

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Dr Nalova Lyonga has reiterated to student leaders that dues payment is not compulsory. She was speaking recently during a press conference at the boardroom of the Central Administrative building of the University of Buea.

Dr Nalova Lyonga, while addressing Pressmen on the occasion of UB Open Day, said that Student leaders should look for avenues to educate the freshmen in their various faculties rather than collecting money from them at daggers drawn. The VC said that the Ministerial memo on dues collection is two fold. Firstly, everyone has the right to belong to any association on campus and secondly, when you belong, you are supposed to pay dues for the association.But to her, student leaders are misinterpreting the 2008 ministerial decision.

To Dr Nalova, it is the choice of any student to pay dues and not be forced to do so. “Let them be able to decide for themselves to join any association of their choice.” she echoed.

Dr Nalova Lyonga VC,UB

What destiny for student associations?

The introduction of online payment of fees, MTN mobile money and almost all activities carried online, has greatly affected the associations, as they are no more avenues to meet face-to-face with the students to collect dues. It looks like this year, some student associations will really have it difficult to carry out their activities. An association such as Association of Student Journalists, University of Buea, ASJUB, with lots of activities may face demise, if students of that association do not pay dues.

Other associations as well, will not find things easy. But if the leaders of such associations try to convince the students, it will be a good move, than using force to collect money from them.



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