What if the state intervenes in Cameroon football ?

With the lackluster performance of the indomitable Lions of Cameroon,many pundits are now speculating the next move of the state.Is the state of Cameroon going to fire Jean Paul Akono,are the players going to be fired or is Iya Mohammed prepared to resign,for taking our football twenty years backward.

Can the state take the challenge

Today Tuesday October 16, 2012, the minister of sports and physical education,Adoum Garoua said that he is calling on all those who parade the corridors of football in the country t bring possible proposals on how they want the national team to function.A good move at a wrong time.Will Iya and Co, heed to his call?
The time has come when we need to call a spade by name.shame the devil anmd embrace truth in Cameroons football.Beaten by little known Cape Verde to gain their first AFCON ticket in history tells us that even Njalla Quan Sports Academy can beat the lions.In fact many now call them domitable bingos.
let the state intervene,its time for us to pay tribute to late Marc Vivian Foe.Since he died, what has been done to recognize his undying love he had for Cameroon? nothing!


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