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Mimboman,now a dead zone in Yaounde

It has been reported by foreign that within the last one month 18 female deaths have occurred in Yaoundé, Cameroon. All the 18 bodies were mutilated. The victims were all between the ages of 17 and 26. Unlike in India where the rapping and consequent death of a female student made headlines and the Indian population took to the streets to call their government to action, the Cameroon citizenry are going about their normal businesses as if it’s nobody’s concern. Have we ever asked ourselves the question of “what if it was my daughter, a sister an aunt, a niece, a friend, a classmate, a wife or just a Cameroonian?” This has been weeks ago yet our media waited for those foreign media like CNN to report the incident before picking it up. Why are we Cameroonians having such a care free attitude? Can our population not organize a peaceful match in honour of those departed and call the government to action?. An enemy from within is the worse enemy!
Police have found 18 mutilated bodies on the streets of the capital in the past two weeks, five of them outside a nursery school, and all are believed to be linked to occult rituals. This week, the sister of a 17-year-old girl whose corpse was found on Friday outside a nursery school, minus the genitals, tongue, eyes, hair and breasts, wrote to Cameroon President Paul Biya demanding action to prevent further killings.
Deborah Ngoh Tonye Epouse Mvaebeme said her sister, Michele Mbala Mvogo, a student at the government bilingual High School Yaounde was abducted three days before her body was found outside a nursery school.

Michele's friends in agony

Michele’s friends in agony

She accused the city’s commonly-used motorcycle taxi drivers of facilitating the murder, and said the government had failed to do enough to protect the victims, who were from the poverty-stricken neighbourhoods of Mimboman and Biteng.
Police warn pedestrians to walk in groups at all times and have cracked down on local bars frequented by criminals, shutting them down in the dozens. Vigilante groups of young men guard the streets at night and hunt for the killers, as the people of Yaounde say the police are not doing enough to keep the city safe.
The new wave of gruesome killings in the capital has also seen dozens of complaints about mutilated corpses in the mortuaries of Yaounde’s public hospitals, according to Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda.
Let the government re-watch Obama’s inaugural speech on security, in other to understand that citizenry counts first. If not why not