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SDF Chairman Threatens to Stop Senatorial Elections

The national chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF,Ni John Fru Ndi has threatened to disrupt the upcoming senatorial elections if Paul Biya fails to tell him concretely why the elections have to be held before Municipal and parliamentary elections.The SDF Chair was quite bitter in an interview with The Post newspaper in its weekender edition  in which he is quoted to have said ” I and the SDF militants will sharpen our machetes and come out for a full-blown onslaught to stop the election”.


SDF Chairman,Fru Ndi

A presidential decree signed by Paul Biya dated Wednesday February 27, 2013 slated the first Senatorial elections in Cameroon on Sunday April 14, this year.The electoral college for the elections according to the decree are Councillors and the ruling CPDM party that is said to have fraudulently won a majority seat in the last council elections in 2007, with 300 out of 360 councils.The opposition party has 60;SDF 18,NUDP 11,CDU 9,MDR 5,UPC 2 and other parties.

Consequently, the CPDM has about 10,632 councilors while SDF has just 801.It is but certain from the above analysis that the ruling party will have an overwhelming victory in the April 14,elections into the Senate.Campaigns are said to begin on March 30,2013.

Observers claim that president Biya extended the mandate for councilors for them to have time to prepare for senatorial elections in favor of the CPDM party.Many also say that it is only Paul Biya who has the political calendar of Cameroon,hence he has the sole power to do and undo.critics also say that it is gross violation of democracy. Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.But this has not been the case in Cameroon.

As the countdown begins for Senatorial elections,it was announced that candidates for the elections have to pay a caution fee of FCFA one million while each member of the electorate will be paid FCFA 50,000 as seating allowance.


Biya’s NCC, Another Elecam Body?

The recent appointment (not election)of some new members into the National Communication Council, NCC , by the head of state Paul Biya on February 22,2013 can be  been seen as another move to maintain his superiority over Cameroonians.

The NCC that has for long been a toothless bulldog that did not even have the strength to bark, talk less of biting is coming back after the national communication meeting held in Yaounde recently ended with the anglophones drawing nothing from the meeting,perhaps reasons why documents were printed in French ONLY.

Appointing new members into the council is just a clear indication that like Elecam,the members have some allegiance to pay back to ‘POPO’.

Only  members like veteran Charles Ndi Chia Editor-in-Chief of The Post newspaper may try as much as possible to change things,but with what effect can it have to the council and the media in maintaining not only freedom of right and expression but fighting for the right of journalists in Cameroon.


     Joseph Ateba Befe, NCC president

The members include,President,His Lordship Befe Ateba,Veteran journalist Peter Essoka as vice president,Jean Tobie Hond as Secretary General.other  NCC members include Charles Ndi Chia, Suzanne Kala Lobe, Nadine Machikou, Alpha Abdou Haman, Jean Claude ottou, Christophe Bobiokono and Jean Bruno Tagne.

These members will have a three year term renewable once.One of the main function of the NCC is regulate and sanction wayward media outlets which goes against journalism norms.


South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, who faces murder charges over the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, has been granted bail after a four-day hearing.

Magistrate Desmond Nair said the state had not made a case that he would flee, or that he had a violent character.

The Paralympic champion denies murder, saying he shot Reeva Steenkamp thinking she was an intruder at his home.

The next hearing in the case has been set for 4 June. Bail was set at 1m rand (£74,000; $113,000).

He was ordered to hand over his passport, avoid his home in Pretoria and report to a police station between 07:00 and 13:00 every Monday and Friday.

Reeva Steenkamp in an undated photo
Reeva Steenkamp’s family say they want the truth

Mr Nair took almost two hours to deliver his judgement.

He criticised the testimony of Detective Hilton Botha for not following up important leads and changing his evidence.

But the magistrate also said he had difficulty understanding why Mr Pistorius had opened fire in the way he did.

However, he said Mr Pistorius had “reached out to meet the state’s case” and had given a full version of events at an early stage.

UB administration,Student peace treaty fails

On Friday February 8,2013, day three of the on going student strike in the University of Buea and by the request of the Vice Chancellor,Dr Nalove Lyonga for a peace and resolution meeting,held at the amphi theatre 250 of the institution.The peace meeting which was supposed to bring lasting solution to the problems,ended in a deadlock.


Both parties seemed to have been moving on well with some resolutions especially the organization of Union elections and re-instituting on campus businesses,with the VC reiterating that the photocopiers on campus had caused a serious lighting damage that was a threat to security.But the last stroke that marred deliberations was the action of the president of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Primus Beng Fang,who said that if the school does not increase the number of march pass participants in his faculty from 300 to 500,then HE will not tell the VC what they have decided.

This,coupled with other side comments ended the meeting.The Vice Chancellor is said to have gone out as if to answer a phone call but never returned.

consequently the Student Union body said  “UBSU wishes to inform the entire Student body that the meeting with the VC later Friday afternoon ended in a fiasco.Our VC came and was dictating to us,it was not a dialogue forum anymore.On this note,we make the following pronouncment.
1. No 11th FEB Participation from UB students.We cannot celebrate when our house is on fire.Our demands must be met.Any student seen going to march shall be treated as black legs,off course you can guess the consequences .
2. Academics are our primordial reason why we are in UB,but we must study in a serene atmosphere,the more reason our demands are the driving forces for a better academic performance even from the least slow learner.Those driving forces must be met therefore the Indefinite strike continues.
3. At this material moment,UBSU remains the only body to call off the strike,students are advice not to heed to any notice from the VC.We are on the road to achieve our aims”.
Minang Ronald.UBSU Interim President

Meanwhile the Mobile Intervention Unit, GMI continue to militarize the campus with troops.

CAF allows Pitroipa to play in the Afcon final

Caf has rescinded Burkina Faso’s Jonathan Pitroipa’s second yellow card and he will be available for the Stallions against the Super Eagles in the Afcon final on Sunday
After he was suspended for his unsatisfactory performance, Tunisian referee Slim Jdidi has admitted in his match report that he made a mistake by giving Burkina Faso’s Jonathan Pitroipa his marching orders in a semifinal clash against Ghana on Wednesday night.

Jdidi’s report has given the African federation (Caf) a power to overturn the decision taken by the referee. Pitriopa will be available for the 2013 Afcon final against Nigeria on Sunday after his second yellow card was rescinded by Caf.

“There is an overwhelming pressure to get Pitroipa back for the sake of our credibility,” a Caf official told, but wishes to remain anonymous.

Pitroipa in a challenge

Pitroipa in a challenge

Caf officials revealed that they did not want Pitroipa’s saga to spoil the tournament that has so far been successful.

“We get the need to have a competitive final free of allegations. We need the Afcon to be without blemish,” Caf continued.

Burkina Faso, reaching their first ever Afcon final, will play against high-flying Super Eagles of Nigeria at the National Stadium on Sunday. The winners of the Afcon final will walk away with a trophy and prizemoney confirmed to be US $1.5 million.

Caf president Issa Hayatou earlier defended the Afcon prizemoney, which many fans believe doesn’t match the prestige of the tournament.

“The reality is that our associations are struggling. We support them. For instance Nigeria still owe us 8 million for TV rights,” said Issa Hayatou.


UBSU Breaks Silence with Indefinite Strike in UB

The University of Buea Student Union, UBSU, has embarked in an indefinite strike action on campus. The strike that began Wednesday February 6, 2013 has taken a twirl.
According to a communiqué, procured by The Young Informant, that enlists all the Student Union is asking for, the students want;
*That problems of online registration be given a prompt reaction to all students who have not registered.
*That number of March pass participation and dues is increased to FCFA 5,000.
*That On-campus business especially photocopiers be re-instated to facilitate teaching and learning process in the University of Buea.
*That students be allowed to sit in for First Semester examination upon part payment of their fees (FCFA25, 000).
*That the various modes of transcripts be respected and available on time to stop student exploitation.
*That Students be allowed to study on campus at their convenience.
*That the organization of UBSU central and COUNCIL elections should be permitted for conduction as per the constitution of UB.
*That the quality, quantity, restaurant equipments and the sanitary conditions of the University restaurant be redressed immediately.

After enlisting all these points, UBSU Vice and current interim president Ronald Minang, said that they have had some meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Dr Nalova Lyonga on the issues which always end in a fiasco.
The interim president said unless their demands are met, school will not resume. According to Security sources at the Central Administrative building of UB, the VC is said to have been held hostage for close to Five hours in her vehicle before been transported to Mbella Moki’s car, Mayor for Buea. At the time this reporter approached the Central building, no official was ready to comment on the issue

It should be noted that classes were disrupted Wednesday 6, 2013 and report from UB say the strike action is gaining steam today Thursday February 7, 2013, where the forces of law and order are said to be trooping the campus.

We will keep you with updates