UBSU Breaks Silence with Indefinite Strike in UB

The University of Buea Student Union, UBSU, has embarked in an indefinite strike action on campus. The strike that began Wednesday February 6, 2013 has taken a twirl.
According to a communiqué, procured by The Young Informant, that enlists all the Student Union is asking for, the students want;
*That problems of online registration be given a prompt reaction to all students who have not registered.
*That number of March pass participation and dues is increased to FCFA 5,000.
*That On-campus business especially photocopiers be re-instated to facilitate teaching and learning process in the University of Buea.
*That students be allowed to sit in for First Semester examination upon part payment of their fees (FCFA25, 000).
*That the various modes of transcripts be respected and available on time to stop student exploitation.
*That Students be allowed to study on campus at their convenience.
*That the organization of UBSU central and COUNCIL elections should be permitted for conduction as per the constitution of UB.
*That the quality, quantity, restaurant equipments and the sanitary conditions of the University restaurant be redressed immediately.

After enlisting all these points, UBSU Vice and current interim president Ronald Minang, said that they have had some meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Dr Nalova Lyonga on the issues which always end in a fiasco.
The interim president said unless their demands are met, school will not resume. According to Security sources at the Central Administrative building of UB, the VC is said to have been held hostage for close to Five hours in her vehicle before been transported to Mbella Moki’s car, Mayor for Buea. At the time this reporter approached the Central building, no official was ready to comment on the issue

It should be noted that classes were disrupted Wednesday 6, 2013 and report from UB say the strike action is gaining steam today Thursday February 7, 2013, where the forces of law and order are said to be trooping the campus.

We will keep you with updates

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  1. Men this is great. Keep up and u will rip the fruits in due time. But always do an edit finish to check for unnecessary errors especially grammatical ones before publishing the stories.All the same, this is a great initiative.Keep up.

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