UB administration,Student peace treaty fails

On Friday February 8,2013, day three of the on going student strike in the University of Buea and by the request of the Vice Chancellor,Dr Nalove Lyonga for a peace and resolution meeting,held at the amphi theatre 250 of the institution.The peace meeting which was supposed to bring lasting solution to the problems,ended in a deadlock.


Both parties seemed to have been moving on well with some resolutions especially the organization of Union elections and re-instituting on campus businesses,with the VC reiterating that the photocopiers on campus had caused a serious lighting damage that was a threat to security.But the last stroke that marred deliberations was the action of the president of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Primus Beng Fang,who said that if the school does not increase the number of march pass participants in his faculty from 300 to 500,then HE will not tell the VC what they have decided.

This,coupled with other side comments ended the meeting.The Vice Chancellor is said to have gone out as if to answer a phone call but never returned.

consequently the Student Union body said  “UBSU wishes to inform the entire Student body that the meeting with the VC later Friday afternoon ended in a fiasco.Our VC came and was dictating to us,it was not a dialogue forum anymore.On this note,we make the following pronouncment.
1. No 11th FEB Participation from UB students.We cannot celebrate when our house is on fire.Our demands must be met.Any student seen going to march shall be treated as black legs,off course you can guess the consequences .
2. Academics are our primordial reason why we are in UB,but we must study in a serene atmosphere,the more reason our demands are the driving forces for a better academic performance even from the least slow learner.Those driving forces must be met therefore the Indefinite strike continues.
3. At this material moment,UBSU remains the only body to call off the strike,students are advice not to heed to any notice from the VC.We are on the road to achieve our aims”.
Minang Ronald.UBSU Interim President

Meanwhile the Mobile Intervention Unit, GMI continue to militarize the campus with troops.

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