Biya’s NCC, Another Elecam Body?

The recent appointment (not election)of some new members into the National Communication Council, NCC , by the head of state Paul Biya on February 22,2013 can be  been seen as another move to maintain his superiority over Cameroonians.

The NCC that has for long been a toothless bulldog that did not even have the strength to bark, talk less of biting is coming back after the national communication meeting held in Yaounde recently ended with the anglophones drawing nothing from the meeting,perhaps reasons why documents were printed in French ONLY.

Appointing new members into the council is just a clear indication that like Elecam,the members have some allegiance to pay back to ‘POPO’.

Only  members like veteran Charles Ndi Chia Editor-in-Chief of The Post newspaper may try as much as possible to change things,but with what effect can it have to the council and the media in maintaining not only freedom of right and expression but fighting for the right of journalists in Cameroon.


     Joseph Ateba Befe, NCC president

The members include,President,His Lordship Befe Ateba,Veteran journalist Peter Essoka as vice president,Jean Tobie Hond as Secretary General.other  NCC members include Charles Ndi Chia, Suzanne Kala Lobe, Nadine Machikou, Alpha Abdou Haman, Jean Claude ottou, Christophe Bobiokono and Jean Bruno Tagne.

These members will have a three year term renewable once.One of the main function of the NCC is regulate and sanction wayward media outlets which goes against journalism norms.

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