Julius Che Tita PhD, New HOD, JMC


Julius Che Tita, PhD, has been appointed as new Head of Department of Journalism and Mass in the University of Buea. The appointment that was made known in the late hours of Wednesday March 13, 2013, now put the senior lecturer of Journalism at the helm of the department.

His appointment comes at a time when the department can now boast of having Three PhD, lecturers; Dr Che Tita, Dr Cheo Victor and Dr Kingsley Ngange.   

Julius Che Tita ,PhD, Lecturer at J.M.C, son of late S N Tita, Managing Director and Publisher of DESIGN House (Limbe),has aside been a lecturer,is also contributing in the social growth of the nation.


       Dr Julius Che Tita,appointed as new HOD

A look at the iconography and symbology of DESIGN House demonstrates a clear and unequivocal commitment to the cause of social change.


Late Bate Bessong talks of the Lecturers Publishing house saying “Some DESIGN House books proffer a kaleidoscopic view of the Biya phenomenon and thereby offer a resume of the vision of a publisher who articulates commitment to the ennoblement of humanity. If as stated elsewhere, Julius Che Tita finally breaks the cocoon of political, tribalised mysticism and debilitation that often occludes collective myths and national historiography, by directing his alter-native (publishing) venture towards the dissemination of front-line books that aim at the reconstruction of the society along the path of peace, progress and true democracy, he will, I am convinced, achieve icon status”.

 He has definitely attained the status and won his gold medal, as Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC, in the University of Buea.

Dr Che Tita holds an M.Phil, in publishing from the University of Stirling, Scotland and a BA in English & History from the University of Cardiff, Wales, a PhD. in Communication & Business from the University of Florida. Che Tita’s research interests are corporate communication, CSR, public relations, and communication for development.

Another appointment placed JMC lecturer Kingsley Ngange, Ph.D as Faculty Officer of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, in the University of Buea.

 Dr Cheo Victor was transferred to the University of Bamenda.


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  1. This article has a masterly touch and concentrates on fine details. I liked the angle of your story. My Congratulations to Dr Che Tita, i am sure he must be proud of u as a bona fide ex-student.
    Good Job Hanson,

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