16th Varsity Games:The past Hunted Team UB

The University of Buea were paid with their own identical coin, as the activities of a few last year,greatly affected the institutions performance in this year’s 16th Varsity games.
The unprecedented creation of UBSU pressure group in the 2012 edition of the games hosted by the university of Buea,which carried out ungodly activities like referee brutality and a must-win language gave UB’s delegation in Ngaoundere this year a difficult participation.

Team UB received a shabby treatment when it came to football boys and girls.Referees had vowed that they will have it hot in their games and that if they want to win,they should not expect a penalty advantage.Football boys played three draw games but could not qualify for the quarter final after they saw must penalty chances not considered.
The case in athletics,football girls and Fans Club was not different.Many believed that their fans club put up a good perfomance this year,but they were relegated to the 9th spot.

Inspite of the call of the minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic orders, Prof Jacque Fame Ndongo, on the over 2500 athletes and officials taking part in the 16th University games in Ngaoundere to play with dignity, encourage Fraternity and conviviality to achieve integrity and emergence,the officials were out to revenge especially football where one of them was wounded last year in UB due to the growing tension created by the UBSU pressure group.
At the end of the games,UB came back home slugishly with 8 medals,half of what was ontained last year.One gold in 5000m ladies,4x400m men’s relay,400m men,-90kg in Judo,four bronze;two in table tennis,one in Judo Opens and one in 200m men.
The next University games has been announced for Littoral region next year 2014.


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