50th Anniversary Celebration In Buea:Constructive Destruction

As the celebration of 50 years of Cameroons reunification get closer,there have been wide construction of some major projects in Buea.
The construction and renovation of the famous Mountain hotel is eminent,the parliamentary flat,reunification grand stand,village,and other sites like the fly-over-road to the governors office,renovation of prime ministers lodge are near completion if not some.
This construction cannot passed without destruction noticed,many critics have argued that the destruction of the cemented area that separated the dual carriage from mile 17 to the central police round-about is a deliberate attempt by the regime to destroy the pride of anglophones.This destruction,as others see it,will help to create more road accidents,because it has left the road wide open for any crash.Why therefore did this lane constructed if officials knew it maybe one day destroyed?
School children and other road users,before used to find it easy to cross the road,wait on the lane before finishing the other half of the road.”But now this lane has been removed just for a one-day celebration.”

There is also the issue of some road constructions that have been poorly executed,roads like the Buea-Tole,Malingo-Muea,and other strategic areas have just been given a retouch and not necessarily real construction.
The cry is that when president Biya exhorts his visit to Buea,these projects such as street lights,pod-holes infested roads will be begging for renovation.
The recent visit by the Minister, Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic Martin Belinga Eboutu to Buea and his confirmation that the sites to host the celebration are ready is a perfect signal that Etoudi will soon be transferred to the Southwest region for some few days when the President of the republic Paul Biya comes visiting.


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