What May Happen To UB If Peace Does Not Take Course

It is almost a week now since the latest student strike action in the university of Buea,students have been arrested,offices ran-sacked,vehicles burned to ashes,lives threatened.
Yet it seems no one is ready to take the blame.While the student Union UBSU claim that they are on the right path,the administration seem to distant itself from the demands and hold strong on theri stand.
Report say some student leaders are now in hiding as police continue to search for them.it is alleged that the arrest of students continue, forcing them to go on comatose.
As this UB Strike-Arrest Continues,Student leaders in Hiding,UBSU Promise another attack,the administration should not take things light.There should be dialogue.

One student leader SIGALA REMY is said to have been shot on the leg Sunday at Malingo Junction,purportedly by VC,s Security Guard.
While OBASI Benbessi who was brutaly wounded on the day of the protest is said to have collapsed at the prison cell twice

An official statement from UBSU facebook account says that Tuesday 21st May,Students will gather against what they claim,injustice and dead threats.

The aftermath of the 2005 strike left two dead

The aftermath of the 2005 strike left two dead

While report say there are some innocent students who were arrested last wednesday still in prison.
Sources also say the number of UB students who took part in the National Day match pass was far-less than their normal participation.Report also say UB had Only One Placad during Match pass and people could hardly recognize students in black coats.
Just called a student now and latest news is that those students caught which many say include innocent ones will appear in court this Tuesday.
From all indication,the court maybe jam-packed with students.
Opinion are that if these students are not released an unending strike may ensued in UB.

Students as well as lecturers are expected to meet an uneasy calm on campus after match pass.
While The Vice Chancellor of the university of Buea,Dr Nalova Lyonga has called for peace to reign in the institution.


1.The Degree students ontain will be regarded as a Strike-Degree
2.Second for the academic year 2012/2013 may not end
3.School properties may continue to be destroyed
4.Innocent students will continue to troop the police station after abitary arrest
5.Some officials may lose their position
6.some over zealouse studenty leaders maybe caught in the drag-net
7.As UBSU have promised that Tuesday 21 May will not be easy,then…
8.There are Fear that 2005,2006 incident may occur-the Motuary maybe the next destination.
Peace therefore need to reign
Humbly written as an observer

Nfor Hanson Nchanji,
Journalist at Equinoxe Radio and television,


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