Fecafoot, MINSEP And The Practice of Racism

It is now evident that the Cameroon football governing body FECAFOOT and the Ministry for Sports and Physical Education are in a way practicing blind racism either knowingly or not.

Over the years the issue of recruiting a local coach for the national team has always been far fetched.
Jean Paul Akono, 2000 Olympic gold medalist has always been a fire-fighter; he is brought in the game when things are rough for the lions.

Cameroon has had over 20 coaches in 19 years, most of whom are expatriates.
The love for foreign coaches has brought to the lime-light the issue of racism, are black brothers jealous of their fellow man? or is it the normal “Business” of new coach where the minister is said to enjoy part of the money as “his own share”?
Many football pundits are of the opinion that Cameroon needs a local coach who will have first of all a sense of patriotism in the execution of his functions.

After much debate, accusations, cold war, the minister will go ahead to appoint a new coach Volke Finke of German nationality. His appointment was evident as PUMA, a company that supplies sport kids for the lions threw their weight behind him.
However former Cameroon coach, Jean Paul Akono has criticized the approach by sport decision makers of the country to replace him saying that administratively it was poorly done.

The coach who is gradually recovering from a cardiac attack spoke bitterly of the poor treatment given to him by Fecafoot and MINSEP
For Akono, it was not necessary to appoint a new coach considering that his assistant Ntoungou Mpile could properly take care of the national team in his absence. He pointed out that he remains the coach of Cameroon until further notice.

It should be noted that the appointment of Volker Finke at the helm of the Indomitable Lions was made official May 30,2013 and the contract is reported to have been signed May 24,a week ago. The German technician has his litmus test in Kiev for a friendly clash coming later this Sunday between Cameroon and Ukraine.


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