Iya Mohammed President Forever

Football lovers are yet to diggest the re-election of detained Iya Mohammed as president of Fecafoot.
His implication with the Cameroon Cotton Development Company saw him behind bars at the Kondegui Central prison but hid disciples did not fail to tell him all is well.
In an overwhelming majority the detained FECAFOOT boss,grabbed 97 out-of 68 votes.
Though Iya is in prison,his list is in power
He won Wednesday’s election after an initial delay, when police blocked delegates from entering the Fecafoot headquarters for the polls.

Ndeh licking his wounds

Ndeh licking his wounds

In his continuing absence, Fecafoot vice-president Mbombo Njoya will take charge of the organisation.
The elections were originally suspended by the government before football’s world governing body Fifa intervened.
It threatened to suspend the country from the international game if the government continued to interfere.
Representatives of the victorious grouping within Fecafoot said the election had resolved the issue.
the interim president is Seidou Mbombo Njoya,first Vice Senator Mbella Moki Charles,second Vice Piere Batamak and Gen.Piere Semengue.
John Begheni Ndeh and Marlene Emvoutou were unable to produce a 28 member list.


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