PK14 -17 Residence Demand Compensation

Residence of PK14 to Pk17 in the Douala 3 of the Littoral region have reitirated that the University of Douala pay them the sum of Six billion francs as compensation for the 2010 destruction of their houses.
A prime minesterial and MINDAF accord in 2010 gave the piece of land to the University of Douala to build their annex,but told them to compensate the victims of the demolition.
Since then both parties have failed to arrived at a compromise on how much is the total damage;while the displaced inhabitants are claiming Six billion francs,the univesity is ready to pay just 800 million.
the over 1000 persons who are now living from hand-to-mouth are bent on taking the university to court.Thier lawyer,Jules Binyom has said justice must prevaile and vowed to help the destitutes.
The two decree to give the land to university of Douala was signed by detained former prime minister Ephraim Inoni in 2007.
The PK 14 to Pk 17 is about 61 hectares of land in Logbessou, “quartier de Bassa”.

Still living under poor conditioins,the victims are still expecting the university of Douala for compensation,a situation that is reaching an escalating state.


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