FECAFOOT Wrangle; A No Go Area For Anglophones?

There are opinions that the first Vice president of Fecafoot John B. Ndeh could not take over power at the federation because he is an Anglophone.The fact that he was by-passed in the electoral process has raised eye-browse on the game the Iya camp played.

John B. Ndeh argues clearly that it is he who is supposed to be the interim president after Iya was thrown into prison.
But what went wrong? Did Mohammed not take over from Vincent Onana in 1998 when the latter was imprisoned? Why not an Anglophone?
This single act is a clear indication that the Fecafoot bureau is a NO GO AREA for ANGLOPHONES.

In spite of all these wrangles ,power has again changed hands at the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) with the installation of the first vice president, John Begheni Ndeh, as the federation’s new president. This followed the invalidation the 19 June poll which retained Iya Mohammed as president by the Ethics and Fair Play Commission on Wednesday June 26.

John B.Ndeh Fecafoot Interim Boss

John B.Ndeh Fecafoot Interim Boss

JBN was surprised to see that for the short while away from the Fecafoot building,the deciples of Iya had change the lock-pad to his door.A lawyer was called in the presence of forces of law and Order where the lock was immidiately replaced.

Friday’s June 28 installation comes on the wake of escalating internal wrangling and political bickering between aspirants of the federation’s most prestigious job.

What has now become the Fecafoot saga like a mild fire began on May 24, when government scrapped the Saturday May 25 elections “for security reasons, thereby plunging the federation into chaos.
On Wednesday June 26, The Ethics and Fair Play Commission invalidated the 19 June poll which retained Iya Mohammed as president.

Few days later, Iya’s reelection will be endorsed by Fifa president, Sepp Blatter who gave his seal of approval to the Fecafoot elections.

“Your election is a clear vote of confidence on your capacity from the Cameroon football community and I hope to use our friendship and excellent collaboration to ameliorate good governance,” Blatter wrote in his letter to Mohammed.
“I am convinced that your rich experience, knowledge and personal qualities would have a tremendous impact on the stable development of our sport in Cameroon.”

And this Wednesday June 28, 2013, the first vice president of the June 19 poll, Seidou Mbombo Njoya sitting in lieu of Iya Mohamed gives way to John Begheni Ndeh who becomes the federation’s new boss for the next six months when he is expected to organize elections.
Tombi Aroko Sediki,Fecafoot Secretary General has been suspended for insurbodination.
To be continued…

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