Controversy Over ‘Dead’ of UB Student in Prison

Controversy has gripped Buea over the news allegdly released by some University of Buea students in detention at the Buea central prison which indicats that one of the detained students has died.
In an official statement found on University of Buea student Union UBSU,facebook page, it is allegd that Ngu Lawrence had died while in detention.
Joining live on phone the interim president of UBSU Ronald Minang,he disclosed that some detained students told him that two of their colleagues had gone missing in prison and that they suspect that they had died.
While casting doubt over the veracity of the statement on UBSU facebook page,Mr Minang held that the students have said they want to see their friends before letting-go theier believe.

The Statement on UBSU facebook page reads:
dear parents, brother, sisters and friends
we feel sadden that after all the torments and torture of our student.
leaders, no Mr. Ngu Lawrence died after torture and his corps stolen
and buried in secret
as we seek the release of 22 others still in detention we should
question the government concerning this saddened death
we wish you to help make it known to the public as you can find
attachment documents written by detained students.
this is the same thing that happen during the 2005 and 2006 strike
action where four of our students were killed
at this juncture we shall be grateful for any timely action you take
to help us release our friends and also for us to know about the
killing Ngu Lawrence.

Signed Document by some students in detention

Signed Document by some students in detention

No official staement has filtered from the prison nor the University on the matter.


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