Final Judgement on UB Students Awaited Thursday

Thursday July 18 has been set aside as the date for the final judgement on the case of University of Buea students, held in prison and charged with the destruction of university property and holding the vice chancellor hostage for close to five hours.
The over forty students have already been fined the sum of 200 million as damages.

Controversy Over Death of Ngu Lawrence.

Wether the name Ngu Lawrence exist among the students detained or it was a manipulation,his alledged death has already cause damage.There has been wide criticism on the way the students are treated in prison.

ADDEC Member Arrested.
A member of the Association of the fight for students right based in Yaounde, Nounfack Alex, was sent to Buea Saturday 13 July to verify if the said Ngu lawrence actually died and if he was a student.Upon arrival at the university of Buea that Saturday he was arrested and detained at the Buea Central police station on orders from Procureur General.The reasons advance for his arrest is that they,ADDEC are fuelling the crisis in UB.
The president arrived Buea Monday to seek his release and was told that only the procureur could give orders…Release still awaited.

Minang Backs-Out,Acknowledges Suspension of UBSU!

In a state both to the Vice Chancelor of UB and Legal department in Buea,former Interim President of UBSU write,
I,Minang Nwune Ronald,former acting president of the University of Buea Student Union,UBSU,now suspended Students Union wish to disclaim knowledge of any action or omission partaining to the death of any studentt in the Buea central prison.
I,by this note,wish to ackowledge the suspension of the University of Buea students Union activities.

What Next?
Final verdict of the court this Thursday July 18,2013 at the Buea court of first instance.

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