14 Perish In Tiko-Douala Road Ghastly Motor Accident

On this faithfull wednesday when they woke up with everyone and said goodbye to their families,little did they know that they were bidding their final goodbye.The ugly face of death appeared and took the lives of these fourteen souls,caring less of what happens to their love ones.
This Tiko-Douala road again, during this Month of september a month of twin elections,back to school and Lions last match in group I,it was an unfutunate scenario and the deadliest in recent times.

Fourteen people out of the 19 on boared along the Tiko-Douala road in Yato,10km from Douala all perished in the a ghastly motor accident this day.
The incident occured wednesday morning at about 7 am when a truck transporting Sand was on its way to Mungo,in trying to over take a vehicle,where unconfirmed report say was struggling to run from a control,the truck is reported to have crushed the 19 seater HIACE bus from buea which was also on high speed.

Lifeless bodies of victims

Lifeless bodies of victims

Witnesses say the truck smashed the bus destroying it beyond repair.It was only pulled out by recue teams from Douala.
13 people died on the spot while one gave up the ghost at the hospital,5 others are battling with life at the CEBEC and LAQUINTINI hospitals in Douala.It is believed they were mainly traders in the bus.
The 13 dead were immidiately taken to the Buea hospital mortuary.The driver of the bus popularly called ‘Le problem’ also gave up the ghost.

Observers say during this period of elections many unfutunate things happen in the country,the government of Cameroon is yet to address the people on the incident.


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