Paul Biya, Political Maradona

The national Chairman of the ruling CPDM party and president of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya has in recent days proved once again that he can play his cards so well with a last Joker.
After the imprisonment of some big names from the Grand North like Marafa,Iya,Haman Adama,the people of the Grand North seem to be unhappy and vowed to destroy the relationship that exist with Biya.

 Biya thinking of his next move

Biya thinking of his next move

This was evident in recent mass resignation from the CPDM to other political parties.
With the twin elections approaching on September 30,Paul Biya now has to use his joker to make sure that CPDM remains top;Here are some instances,

1-Sudden appearance of child of former president,Aminatou AHIDJO sent to Grand North for reconciliation,though she was humilated.
2-Release of Haman Adama from prison.
3-Commencement of compensation of victims of construction of Kribi deep sea port.
4-Announced for Douala for laying of foundation stone for a second bridge over river Wouri,MANIDEM party of ANICET EKANE says it is politically motivated.
5-Decree to pay Chiefs.
6-inuaguration of Lions Vision Center in Laquinitini.
You name the rest…All these takes place just with a twinkle of the eye in the month of september,month of election,is Biya not a political Maradona?

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