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2013 Parliamentry Elections:CPDM Loses 5 Seats,SDF Creates Parliamentry group

The rulling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement,CPDM party has lost five seats in the September 30 PArliamentry elections.The party as of 2007 polls had 153 seats,but the aftermath of the September twin polls saw them dropping five of those seats to 148.

They were beaten in Nyong and Nkelle by UPC who seized three seats and the Cameroon Rennaisance Movement of prof.Maurice Kamnto in Wouri East with SOUB Lazare making his entry into the parliament.
SDF Scribe,Joshua OSIH,new MP Wouri Centre

The Social Democratic Front party,SDF,now has a parliamentry group,with 18 parliamentarians.The SDF won 18 seats thus increasing their 2007 tally from 15 to 18.New comer into the business is SDF First National Vice Chairman;Joshua OSIH as MP of Wouri Centre.

The NUDP of BELO BOUBA now has five seats,CDU of NDAM NJOYA 4,UPC 3,CRM/MRC 1,MDR 1.
AYAH Paul ABINE and MP of Jean Jacques EKINDI have been kicked out of the parliament.