Can Biya’s Net Catch Prof.Maurice Kamto

The fire brand supporter of Cameroon’s rejuvination, Prof.Maurice Kamto may soon fall in Paul Biya’s dragnet,It has been reported that president of Cameroon Rennaissance Movement political party,prof.Maurice Kamto was interrogated Thursday at the Delegation for National Security in Yaounde.

Prof.Kamto,soon to hear from Biya?

Prof.Kamto,soon to hear from Biya?

The reasons for questioning Maurice Kamto has not been given ,but observers say it may be linked to a recent outing he made after the 2013 Municipal and Legislative elections.

Prof.Maurice Kamtos CRM/MRC party was part of the elections for the first time and went back home with a seat in the parliament occupied by veteran SOUOB LAZARE in Wouri East constituency.

Kamto,former member of Biyas regime and one of peace broker on the Bakassi penisular is a potential threat to peace in Etoudi,and observers belief,Biya is looking for means to put him aside.But the question is Can Biya easily indict him?
a suivre…


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