”Python Swallows Girl in Hotel”Buea Goes wild

The dust is yet to settle on the incident at ETA PALACE Hotel saturday in Buea after local threw stones destroying window panes and almost ransacking the hotel.
Thousands of inhabitants stormed the premises of the hotel demanding to see the alledge python which had swallowed a girl in one of the rooms in the hotel.
Policce threw tear gas and fired life bullets in the air to disperse the curious crowd.Scores of persons were wounded,others fainted while some loosed their fingers.
The rumour that a man who slept with a girl in one of the rooms at ETA PALACE reportedly transformed into a Python and swallowed her sent many wild.
snakegirl222molyko t
The Divisionnal Officer for Buea Wukam Paul and other dignitories went round three times into the rooms of the hotel together with journalist but found nothing.
Management of the hotel maintained that all were runours.AGBOR Smith,the manager says it is a sabotage by their competitors.
While news circulated that it was a police official who transfomred into a python,videos circulated on facebook and phones showing fake images of a snake swallowing a girl.
There are indications that many of the images were obtained from website.
Many persons have been arrested in connection with the incident,while investigationns have been opened.


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