Visit of Paul Biya to Douala: Circulation paralyzed

Head of state Paul Biya is in Douala, economic capital of Cameroon. His coming to the littoral region to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a second bridge over river Wouri and inauguration of the Logbaba central gas plant has paralyzed circulation, halted studies and shops closed.
Most schools will remain closed for these two days, while businesses closed.
Some if not all administrative offices are experiencing a hold-up since officials will be engaged in the visit of the president.
Economic activities will be grounded and the country will lose billions due to a single visit. It is an unofficial public holiday till Monday
Presidential guards are littered everywhere and persons need to watch what they say or do.
The question is, does Cameroon need a second bridge and if yes, must it be beside the old one.
What the government has failed to tell Cameroonians is that very soon the old bridge will collapse and therefore the second bridge would be used as alternative. The 60 year-old bridge over river Wouri is fast degrading and experts say its life span has expired.

 Biya Reflecting on Second Bridge Project.

Biya Reflecting on Second Bridge Project.

The second bridge would cost 120 billion fcfa and is funded by French Development Agency, AFD; C2D; African development bank, ADB; European Union, EU and the Cameroon government.
The bridge would have as length some 850metres, 35metres as width.
“In 60 years, Cameroon is now thinking of a second bridge’’, Anicet Ekane of MANIDEM political party lamented. He said the country is supposed to be thinking of the building the fifth bridge.
Mr Biya would also preside over the inauguration ceremony of Cameroons first onshore central gas plant at Logbaba.
The gas plant to be officially recognized this Friday November 15, cost some 75 billion fcfa, while the government expects over 100 billion as revenue.
The gas plant shall distribute gas to over 18 industries especially the three brewery companies in Cameroon.
Created in 2012, the gas plant that has 13km underground pipeline is constructed by Rodeo inn collaboration with SNH.
However what the government has failed to do is the compensation of victims evacuated from the site. The victims have cried foul play and have called for fair and prompt compensation.


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