YOSA Clashes With Canon In Cup Final

Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda clashes this Sunday December 22 against Canon Sportif of Yaounde in the 2013 edition of the Cup of Cameroon.
The event that brings the head of state and all sports personalities in Cameroon had over dued.

preparation has intensified among finalists, Canon Yaoundé is in training in blocked Akono where players receive two daily workouts internship. Yosa meanwhile retired to Bafut , a suburb of Bamenda to prepare afor the duel.Sources reveal that officials of the two finalists received Tuesday money ffrom the state but the amount was not disclosed.

Amadou Ahidjo Stadium ready for finals

Amadou Ahidjo Stadium ready for finals

Some 1200 young students from Leclerc High School selected for the overall movements are now make final adjustments . And a source close to the security services has given us confirmation that the event unless last minute changes , will take place Sunday, December 22, 2014 .
Canon is gunning for 12th title while Yong Sport Academy is eyeing the trophy for the first time.


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