Biya’s unfulfilled Visit To Buea, Paralyses UB Graduation

Paul Biya’s unfulfilled journey to Buea this December for the celebration of 52 years of Cameroons reunification, has greatly affected students especially those from University of Buea, who will not be having the usual graduation ceremony this December.
Graduation that was pushed to January risked being postponed again because Mr Biya may come to Buea that same month. Students and pupils have practiced march-pass under the sun just for the August guest to fail them.
If the 20 year old first Anglo-Saxon University is ever proud of something that differentiates itself with other state universities, then it is the usual end-of-year graduation ceremony that has spiced with an unprecedented effervescence. During this day UB, begs for space with thousands of people trooping in for the ceremony.
This year things may not be the same, the graduation ceremony has been held hostage by huge broken promises by Mr Biya.
UB which will play a great part in the celebration of 52 years of Cameroons reunification by hosting guests and other activities have no choice than to wait for the August guest who is showing no sign of keeping to promise.
Of course the effects of this can not be over emphasized; for no one knows how many flights have been cancelled, journeys frustrated, studies hold-up due to lack of backing certificates and so on.
The government may argue that the celebration of reunification is been delayed by the unfinished projects, but they should also know that before announcing the celebrations, measures would have been taken to solve the unseen problems.
If Mr Biya googled his record or sit to watch the famous announcement on the celebration, the he would certainly bend his head down in regrets.
But if there is nothing to regret about politicians should know that it is not all about speeches.


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