The Unspoken Words Of Biya’s End Of Year Speech

In his traditional end-of-year speech to the nation, Paul Biya, president of Cameroon focused on Politics, Economy, Health, Security and sports.

Biya failed to tell Cameroonians why the celebration of 50years of Cameroons reunification was not effectuated in 2013 after he made it clear on this same day last year that the celebration MUST hold this year (2013), and even emphasized in the month of September after casting his vote for the twin elections, which he said «I shall be in Buea in December for the reunification celebrations”.

He was certainly ashamed to pronounce again that he will be going to Buea by 2014,because he knows well that he has deceived the people for two good years.How a presidential lie could be so grieviouse that paralysed activities in the south west region,a lie that has kept many wondering if the vision of 2035 could be achieved.

Biya did not really paint an atmosphere of insecurity in the country; he did not tell Cameroonians what is causing the numerous killings in our boarders’ in spite the fact that Cameroon has a battery of soldiers.
He has also failed to tell the nation how much has been collected from embezzlers who have been thrown into jail.

Biya adressing the Nation,December 31

Biya adressing the Nation,December 31

He elaborated and congratulated ELECAM for organizing both Senatorial and Municipal elections, the putting in place of constitutional council, he said, will complete the democratization process.
Biya Frowned at the lack luster execution of the public investment budget and low level of growth rate for 2013 which stood at 4.8 percent.
He also talked of creating three major health units in Yaoundé, Douala and Sangmalima.
Biya also said malaria is at the moment being combated especially in children from 0-5 years.He thanked international bodies who have helped Cameroon to fight against the disease especially in the north.
Biya said Security will be beefed up to make sure that threats from Boko Haram in North, Seleka in East and maritime theft are reduced.
He urged the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon to do their best in the Brazil expedition come June 2014 during the World Cup. He reminded the lions that their predecessors did well in Spain 1982 and Italy 1990, hence they should do same.

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  1. Biya is aware of the fact that time is running out for him. Watch out, for whenever he steps foot in Buea, he is bidding Southern Cameroons bye bye

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