Man Kills Pregnant Ex-Girl Friend,Stoned By Population

Shock and consternation gribbed populace of Bambili this Monday morning after a macabre incident,a 28 year-old man stabbed his former pregnant girl friend to death on grounds that she refused renewing the relationship.

Eye witnesses say the boy identified as YIVJOU KUICHE after failing to convince his former girl friend MAKUA PAGOU,a level three student at ENSET in Bambili,he proceeded to buying a matchet and used it on her.

The 24 year-old girl who is reported to be six months pregnant to another guy gave up the ghost shortly.

The people of that area went wild and had this boy stoned to death,thus paying him with his own identical coin.

This is not the first time that men are using matchets on women in Bamenda,three weeks ago,it was a taxi driver who also stabbed his pregnant girl friend to death before drinking acid.


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