Importance of ICT in Contemporary Agriculture

As the world becomes a global village due to the arrival of the Information communications technology, ICT, agriculture too has benefited enormously to the changes. It is of utmost importance for youth organizations to engage in the dissemination of information using the new media or ICT tools.
This is because the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in agriculture is increasingly important.

Experts hold that the main phases of the agriculture industry include crop cultivation,water management,fertilizer, harvesting,post-harvest handling, transport of food products packaging,food preservation,food processing,quality management,food storage and safety.

E- Agriculture
E-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes. More specifically, e-Agriculture involves the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use information and communication technologies (IT) in the rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture. E-Agriculture is a relatively new term.
The main focus of this article is to elaborate how the achievements of IT can be applied in Agriculture sector and its development.

The main applications of ICT in Agriculture sector are listed below.

• Record text, drawings, photographs, audio, video, process descriptions, and other information in digital formats,
• Produce exact duplicates of such information at significantly lower cost,
• Transfer information and knowledge rapidly over large distances through communications networks.
• Achieve greater interactivity in communicating, evaluating, producing and sharing useful information and knowledge.

There are many government, private and non-government organizations involved in agriculture sector and rural development. They all have to work together to give better service to farming community. Therefore, application of office automation is one of the solutions to enhance the efficiency and inter-connectivity of the employees work in all above mentioned organizations.

Many computer applications such as MS Officce, Internet Explorer and lots of others, are unlimited potential to organizations and individuals to fulfill their day to day data processing requirements to give an efficient service to their customers and youths involved in the sector will have to use this new technology to modernize their farming methods and facilitate their day-to-day activities.

In Summary ICT can help foster the growth of agriculture in the following ways

• SMS or text messaging campaigns for enabling environment advocacy
• Pricing and weather information systems
• Applications to help buyers manage transactions with the thousands of small-scale farmers who supply to them
• Mobile banking and apps that facilitate quick payments
• Initiatives to expand the reach of farm extension services through phone, radio, video and sometimes all three.


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