Information Is Power,Agriculture Is Life

There is a common saying that information is power,indeed the provision of information between young framers group can go a long way to promote the development and growth of agriculture and their respective areas.
Since agriculture is considered as backbone of every society it but paramount that any association already engaged in agriculture have to share information on certain issues affecting or promoting the sector in his or her locality;

For example one group will be save from venturing into producing a certain product because another had told them that the seed or what so ever it is has an epidermic or that the business is now slow.

Global Forum on Agricultural Research opines that Every community and country needs increased agricultural productivity from their farms, and just returns for their farmers and producers. They need to reduce hunger and malnutrition, alleviate extreme poverty and use natural resources such as land and water and energy more efficiently and sustainably.
Climate change affects their agriculture now and will affect more in the future and they need to adapt their agriculture rapidly to it as also contribute, as responsible world citizens, to mitigating and reducing climate change and its effects. Desertification, trans-boundary diseases, loss of agro-biodiversity and equitable participating in global agricultural markets are also universal problems. And all need research and innovation to be solved. Data and information sharing for agricultural research for development therefore enables, among many benefits:
New information and knowledge to be generated.

Localize globally available information and knowledge and enable it to be used more effectively

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of research and its outputs and

Innovation in time, cost, quality and human effort.

Reduce reinvention and repetition of research efforts

Allow greater inclusiveness and participation in research and innovation

Bring cross-disciplinary and specialized skills to agricultural research

Reduce “market failure” or inability to use research outputs effectively and/or efficient.
Create new research directions and avenues.

Bring greater equity in using agricultural knowledge across and among communities.

This will be more helpful if fully practiced by ACp Countries,especially as some countries among them are realy poor and technologically backward.Groups here will therefore need such information to improve on their farming styls,input,output,conservation etc.


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