Youths,the Workforce Behind Agriculture

Since most agricultural projects are effectuated in rural areas,it needs the man power to keep its daily activities.But with the migration of the workforce to urban areas the level of agricultural advancement tends to decrease.
Most of the migrants are youths and this practise of Rural-urban migration usually leads to a loss of necessary man power in the rural areas to work on the farm lands.On the other hand, increased man power in urban centres provides cheap labour to the industries in these areas.

Whereas this labour could have been used in rural areas to fooster agriculture.
This migration also brings chanhges to the state of farms;larger and fewer farms, additional farming practices have changed, larger equipment hence removal of fencerows and wind breaks to allow larger equipment, leading to wind blow soil.

In this situation,governments of ACP countries should understand that without the youths,no matter the technological advancements,agriculture still needs tem.There should be the creation of opportunities for these youths to remain in the villages and man their farms.

In this light,farming tools have to be provided,seeds,manure,animal feeds and even serminars need to be organised by the government or groups to encourage agriculture.

If these are put into consideration rural-urban migration will be something of the past.And youths will be retained in the rural areas,will be able to be masters of their own destiny because agriculture is the backborn of any country, especially developing countries.


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