Food Aid,Delays Agricultural Development

The western countries are fun of sending food aid to developing countries with intension of alleviating poverty, but they are instead doing more harm than good.

Food aids often end up with the wrong persons,i.e the rich who do not need the food at all,the innitiative by western countries can however be transformed into something profitable,evalasting.

This food aid by international bodies has instead harmed the poor,econimists will understand with me that by increasing the local supply of food, such aid may depress prices and thus undercut the income of rural farmers in the recipient nations, for example; it also may discourage local production. And, since the poor often are concentrated in rural areas, food aid in fact may disproportionately hurt the poor.

US Soldiers Giving Food Aid to Afghans. Picture by Paavan Gami

US Soldiers Giving Food Aid to Afghans.
Picture by Paavan Gami

Food aid can take several forms and i humbly suggest to any of these giant nations reading this piece to promote agriculture by transforming food aid to constructing farm to market roads so that the farmers will be able to transport food to the city for sales.

Huge quantities of food perish in rural areas because of lack of farm to market roads.These nations should be able to first of all know whether it is good to give someone fish or teach him how to fish.

They could also create a laison between researchers and farmers because most research carried out in the agricultural sector often end up in cupboards without being utilised.

According to Global Policy Forum,GPF,this food aid has suffered a great blow because
.It is not enough
.Unevenly Distributed
.Tied to Donor’s Domestic Production and Shipping
. Too Slow and Badly Timed
. Not Targeted to People in NeedVolatile
. Quantities Not Responding to Global Need
.Disrespectful of Local Diets and Genetically Modified

In all what these poor countries need is farm to market roads,follow up research to boost their agricultural out put.
And its haigh time these countries start asking the question,does sending food aid to struggling nations do more harm than good?

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji


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