Cameroon ex-Colonel Released From Jail

Retired colonel and former government delegate to the Douala City council Edouard Etonde Kotto has been released from jail .
He was jailed for embezzling state funds.since December 13,2007 he has spent 2310 days in jail. The marathon court session yesterday in Yaounde at the supreme court ended at about 2 15 am Tuesday before the courts verdict was pronounced.

He is amongst high profile detainees recently released from jail,after Titus Edzoa and Thierry Michel Atangana.

Me Abessolo and Etonde Kotto former PCA of Ports Authority was jailed for 15 years.
Siyam Siéwé, Kamdem and Assana life imprisonment. Siéwé Nintcheu had 25 .
In total Les 13 persons were accused of embezzling funds from the Ports Authority and were to pay a colossal sum of 34 billion, 291 millions 448 thousand 117 Fcfa.


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