Tamfu Arison In Another Media Award

The Journal`s Arison Tamfu has won yet another media award, this one in Kenya. The current award comes from the 2014 African Climate Change and Reporting Awards, popularly known as “ACCER Awards” in Kenya.

The awards that celebrate excellence in climate change and environmental journalism in Africa, are organized by the Pan African Climate Justice (PACJA) in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Oxfam, Sweden and Diakonia.

Tamfus entry, titled “Cameroons Forests at the Mercy of Charcoal Makers,” originally published here in the Cameroon Journal, was awarded the winner in the print category and the second overall winner in all the categories out of over 300 entries and 15 finalists.

Tamfu During award ceremony

Tamfu During award ceremony

Commenting on the narrative that landed Tamfu the award, Barrack Muluka, head of the panel of seven judges told dignitaries who attended the Award Gala night at Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, that “The story takes you to one of the remotest parts in Batouri in the East region of Cameroon. As you read, you see and live it as if you are there. It is a marvelous piece of journalism-with relevant interviews and clearly addresses the climate-change issue in Africa in a detailed and comprehensive way.”

“After the disappointing performance of the Lions at the World Cup that greatly damaged the image of Cameroon in the eyes of the world, this award has restored the pride of honour of my country, Cameroon, at least, in the field of journalism. I am exceptionally pleased and thankful to God and my mother for her love and kindness that has always been my source of inspiration,” said Tamfu after receiving the award.

Tamfu is a multi-award winning reporter. Apart from reporting for the Cameroon Journal, he also reports on current events in Africa for Malaysia’s MSME News Network, Spore Magazine and Diplomatic Observer. He is former Editor-in- chief of the English news desk at Equinox TV and Radio.

Cameroonjournal via Cameroon web


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