Salary Increment: Biya Makes Mockery of Cameroonians.

Cameroonians have been mocked again by the Biya regime.Salaries of civil servants have been increased by meaningless 5%,a week after the hikes in prices of petroleum products.

A presidential decree increases the basic salaries of civil servants and military men and reducing special tax on petroleum products to reduce transportation of persons and goods in the conutry.

This presidential decree is a big mockery to Cameroonians especially those who work in the private sector.
What becomes of them?Does the 5% person reflect and can change the poor social climate in the country?NO!
The five percent pay rise will have noe effect in the salaries of state workers.

Cameroon Salary on standstill

Cameroon Salary on standstill

There is endermic youth unemployment,lack of water and electricity,under employment,insecurity,low purchasing power etc.There is no way Camerooians could forge ahead with this madness in the country.

The price of petrol rose by 14 percent and diesel by 15 percent, while gas prices were up over 8 percent, the government said on Monday. The International Monetary Fund has for years called for a cut in subsidies, which cost about $600 million (R6.3 billion) a year.

Cameroon has repeatedly stalled the move after deadly protests in 2008 and Nigeria’s failed bid to cut similar subsidies in 2012. A litre of petrol now costs 650 CFA francs (R14.34), while diesel is up to 600 CFA francs a litre.


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