New Year Message From CAMASEJ National president

Tricia Oben Camasej Nat.President

Tricia Oben Camasej Nat.President

Hello everyone and a healthy and happy New Year to you and your families. As we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another it is always a good time for reflection, a time for assessment and even more important, it is a time of hope.
We must always look back to evaluate and assess with hindsight the challenges we faced as an association. Even though it was a rough year we have hope of brighter days ahead. On the whole we as an entity are a forward thinking profession, a courageous group of people who believe, who trust, who hope and who have the determination to work harder each year in the belief that by being professional we can work for the good of our community.
This is the spirit that has kept CAMASEJ up and running year in and year out since 1992.
In 2015, my team and I would like to see that all our members live up to their full potential. Our prayer is that all of us no matter where we work and the conditions under which we practice, can pursue opportunities that are available all around us and become successful.
This is an important year for our association. It is a year when there will be many changes, and a year where we believe we must become even stronger than before. This is why we call again on all those who are not signed up as CAMASEJIANS to have a rethink. History has proven in many instances that group force is water tight force. That it is together that achievements triple. Many do not believe they need the association but it is always these people who realize too late that they should be members. It costs nothing but gives you everything. New blood inspires and bolsters the moral of any organization or association. So we need to encourage others to join in. My exco and I are happy we had the chance to serve you another year. We are pleased our association has again in a 12 month period served our nation. We wish you and your loved ones happiness, prosperity, and good health. May this be a year of personal prosperity for you and your families, and a year of progress and unity for our association.
Tricia Oben

National President
Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ)

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