Meva’a M’Eboutou Magic Too Weak To Stand Infront Of Biya ?

While members of the diplomatic corps, constitutional corps, religious authorities, members of government and civil society were wishing head of state Happy New year 2015 at the unity palace Thursday, an unforgettable scene occurred former minister of Finance Meva’a M’Eboutou after greeting the head of state, turned left as if to take his position but fell on his way.

Senate SG falls after greeting Biya

Senate SG falls after greeting Biya

mevaa mevoto

The 76 year old Secretary General of the Cameroon Senate literally collapse before President Paul Biya after greeting him.
But what was so particular is that nobody came to his aid not even the president standing beside him showed any concern. The man could have been collapsing from a heart attack as someone noted. Critics say it would have been a great sign for Mr Biya to reach out to his friend and give a helping hand.
The scene watched nationwide and live on national station does not speak well on manners of dignitaries present at the event.


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