RATU International Festival Invests 200 Million In Cameroon

10864875_1762830477276957_1872126307_nRatu International festival has announced a whooping investment of 200 million fcfa in Cameroon in the domains of Fashion,Music and Movie.The promoter Ratu Erma Olierhoek whose background is not presented  made the revelation during a press conference in Douala Thursday.The  Cameroon based designer is originally from Asia precisely Indonesia.

The designer is extending her skills to a fashion event organising alongside some associates with the launch of the Ratu International Festival – a festival which aims to showcase emerging talents in fashion, movie and music at different locations but with the main event taking place at the widely used Maison du Parti Bonanjo in Douala from October 29 to October 31, 2015.

Interested participants will be requested to submit their fashion, music and movie materials via designated channels which will allow the member of the jury on the panel at this festival to select the best according to their criteria. 10 fashion designers, 3 movies and 9 music artistes will be given the opportunity to participate on that day.

Sponsored by major brands such as Maggi, Brussels Airlines, G4S, the event initiative has apparently attracted national and international personalities who are keen on exploring the creativity. Although the event sounds exciting, it is with hope that the event will be:

For an effective event, there are three core activities to ensure a fair and consistent selection:
– Competitions to promote young designers, movie producers and musicians,
– Workshop to educate young designers, movie producers and musicians
– Exhibitions , concerts and gala to celebrate with both national and international guests

It is about time we have a well-executed event in Cameroon and this could be the start.


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