Grand Demonstration Announced At Laquintini


Following the unfortunate incident which took place at the Laquintinie hospital yesterday, March 12, the civil society is organizing a peaceful demonstration at 3:00pm. in front of the hospital against what they call neglect in  State hospitals .

Monique KOMATE  ,31, who died while in the process of delivery   was rushed to the hospital in Douala from the Tergal hospital which had admitted the case was serious. Upon arrival at the Laquintini hospital, mortuary attendants  confirmed she had died perhaps on their way but that the two babies be retrieved from her body. But because of lack of money, the doctors and nurses refused attending to her. She was forced out of the hospital.

It is her sister  who reportedly used razor blade on her, tore open her womb and delivered a set of twins. The twins died minutes later joining their mother who had given up the ghost.

There have been an outrage on social media and massive mobilization for this Sunday to say no to negligence on part of doctors and nurses. This comes at a time when a ministerial circular clearly stated that persons with emergency cases could be treated before deposit of money.


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