Equinoxe TV’s MIMI MEFO Recognized in Investigative Journalism Awards



MIMI Mefo TAKAMBOU a worker with Douala based Television Channel, Equinoxe TV, has been recognized by the British High Commission with a special prize as the only Television entry in the Investigative Journalism competition.

Though she was not among the first three laureates, the judges found her stunning story on the living conditions of prisoners In Cameroon worthy to have a special prize. Her report on several prisons in Cameroon portrayed the realities in Cameroonian prisons, the disgusting living conditions and the reaction of legal minds.

The jury found her report special and encouraged her to do more next time in fostering development. According to MIMI Mefo what motivated her to carry out the research was the disturbing stories that emanated from Cameroon prisons, “I have spoken with detainees, worked with prison chaplains and come to reality of what prisoners go through, their living conditions are appalling, in the midst of this, the government is doing practically nothing, prisons are overcrowded, you cannot imagine that about 65% of prisoners today are still waiting trial, it’s terrible”, she bemoaned.

The graduate from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the University of Buea further says it is time for the government to take its responsibilities with concrete actions towards ameliorating the conditions of prisoners, she says “There is need for reforms in the penitentiary sector, lawyers, prison guards, magistrates and everyone including the Justice minister has to put hands on deck to foster the strict respect of human rights of prisoners. I still have much work to carry out; it is time for us media men and women to also shed lights on issues like this in order to promote good governance”.

The Award ceremony took place in Yaoundé Thursday March 31, at the residence of Brian Olley, British High Commissioner to Cameroon

The first winners of the award included Snowsel Ano-Ebie, worker with CRTV emerged first ,Aminde Blaise ATABONG of The Guardian Post came second while MOKI Edwin Kendzeka of CRTV and Eugene NFORNGWA of The Standard Tribune had a tie in the third place.

The winners came from an entry list of 30 journalists. AFRICAphonie, a Buea based institution which organized the competition in collaboration with British High Commission says next edition will witness modifications; there will be prizes for each category, TV, Radio and Print.

Mimi MEFO TAKAMBOU currently works with Equinoxe Television she has proven to be daring in her close to five years of service in the Douala based private Channel. Mimi has covered human rights events, child abuse and other stories that portray the socio-economic and political scene of Cameroon.

The 27 year old Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ Douala Chapter member is a Tv news anchor.




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